Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Road Trip & A Surprise

I was up by 5 am, showered, ready and out the door by 7:00 off to pickup my Niece, Joanne, who was going  to go along on my planned "Road Trip" this day.

I LOVE Snowmen, so it was no problem to check out this handsome looking dude coming into Chesley, as we had to make a "pit stop" at the money stop before heading on down the road.

A couple of hours later brought us to the St. Jacob's Market, around 9 am I would think.  They are erecting a new building in place of the one that had burned down a couple of months ago.  Not certain if a 2nd floor will be going into this one or not?  Joanne and I had fun browsing through the market.  We both bought a new wallet each, and I also bought an Albert Weber's Summer Sausage, as requested by my Rob.

Next door to the Market was the Antique Store we really enjoyed browsing through, although we both had a bit of problem with our allergies since it had been a bit musty with some of the older items.  "Magic" caught my eye as soon as we walked through the front door.  Is she not lovely?

Heading up King Street, towards Kitchener, we spotted a "Yard Sale" of new Gift items.  This house was not far from Country Squire Road, where Rob and I lived 10 years ago now, which has held  this sale annually.  Joanne and I did a bit of shopping for ourselves and others at this stop too.  It was so much fun.

Next stop was Costco, as I needed to replenish our Dog Food coffers, and pick up a few other select items here.  My Son, Paul, and his boys, Aiden and Connor, came to meet up with us here.

Grandma always come bearing "homemade" treats for her boys.  They enjoyed the Pumpkin Muffins I had made, although like myself, Connor does not care for raisins either.  Aiden got "extra" raisins along with his muffin passed over to him.

After lots of fun and walking (lots of walking) through Costco, with Joanne and I going back in for couple other items once the boys had left, we then head off to my nephew, Jody's home as today he and his wife, Lauren, were hosting a surprise in store for someone "special"  ...

Look at all the lovely food our lovely niece Jennifer had prepared.  Oh yum baked Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecakes too.

Here is Jennifer's husband, Rich, overseeing the food ???  and trying to avoid me taking his photo.  Rich is a very talented person with a very unusual and unique talent all of his own.  Take a look at what Rich puts his hand at ..... by *clicking* into his World HERE.

Should you have a Facebook Account, Rich also has a Facebook Page you may find HERE.  Give his page a big LIKE, as I am certain you will enjoy follow his work as much as I do.  Tell him I sent you over, as that he would also enjoy hearing.

It is nice when family members get together to "catch up" with each other.  Two brothers, Wayne, and Roger, were there this day, however Rob and the younger brother, Peter, we unable to make it.

Today was a gathering of family to celebrate my Sister-in-Law, Delores's 65th Surprise Birthday Party.  And truly surprised she was when she came through the door, as she called there on quite a different pretence.   Family members, children, grandchildren and siblings made the day for Delores.  Happy Birthday Delores and many many more may your future hold for you. xx

Joanne and I returned home driving along dark rainy roads.  I could not have been more happier then I was after a very long day to come home to my husband, who surprised me with having a lovely Roast Beef Dinner waiting for me on my arrival.  Thanks honey, I very much appreciated your thoughtfulness, especially when you are still feeling very sick and down with a Cold.  xx

I do LOVE Snowmen, and was very happy on my "find" at Costco of .....

An LED Snowman Globe.  It is beautiful.  Once you turn it one it lights up and snows on a timer for 5 minutes.  I delighted I got this for "moi".

Spelling or Grammar errors within this post ... so sad, too bad, as I am way soooo tired to be bothered.  xx

I had a most wonderful day spent with my Niece, Joanne, who I love very dearly, time with my Son, and Grandsons, Family time with my SIL, Delores and her family, and very much happy to come back to my loving husband, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sounds like a great family day! Glad to hear they're replacing the market building.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! What an awesome little globe :)

  3. You had a busy day!

    It's not surprising that the market would rebuild, of course. I'm glad to know it's underway.


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