Thursday, 19 February 2015

Moral of the Story

This morning was horrible.  I was woken up by a sinus headache.  My teeth were throbbing the pressure was so great.  5 am I go take sinus meds, which make me feel sick to my stomach.  Nose spray next.  Going out in -24 * first thing with the Aussies was almost unbearable as I could barely see from out of my eyes.

Yesterday I had a bit of mess on my hands ...

The result of me falling asleep on the couch, Rob leaving out on a call, and Portia not put back in her crate.  Murphy's Law when not feeling the best.

Today Portia was still causing trouble ....

Bandit minding his own business with his ball.  Portia not content with her chewie goes to steal his ball from him.

Moral of the story?  one nine month old female Aussie can turn a house upside down in minutes.

Today I decided I would make some Homemade Maple Baked Beans.  I have never made before so I gave it a whirl since I had the white navy beans soaking overnight.

I thought I would make Maple Beans since I have Miners' Maple Products' Maple Syrup on hand.  Along with a roasted Pork Tenderloin and Pan fried potatoes the beans were excellent !

Recipe please?  The recipe I used can be found HERE  Yes I would make them again, however the next time I want to try a recipe using molasses.  YIKES I just remembered I had not put in a tbsp of vinegar when I took the beans out of the oven ... oh well they were good just they way they were.

Back to my sinus headache, finally after a nap this afternoon it completely left.  My fibromyalgia then kicked in with my muscles aching like no tomorrow.  Ahhhh I look forward to the warmth of Summer coming SOON !

Maybe tonight I will be dreaming of balmy Southern breezes and tall cool refreshments, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. hopefully tomorrow will be better for you.........

  2. It's been YEARS since I made baked beans - I do love them but my daughter not so much. Hope Portia is behaving herself today!

  3. I've never made them.....I just reach for the can opener. As for dogs, I'm having real problems with Jack and am going to invest in a citronella remote spray collar. It's either that or the dog pound.....just kidding! Hope you feel better sioon. Sinus=nightmare. xxx


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