Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day !

To All Our Family & Friends (On-line friends as well).

This morning was a surprise when I went out with the Aussies.  I could not believe how much snow had fallen through the night.  It was a Winter Wonderland out there this morning.

We were very happy to get updates on some of the puppies last night.  Happy they are on my radar, as I do enjoy hearing all about their adventures. 

Izzy appeared to be all "pupped out" in her picture, and Jax was definitely in dream mode.

We have been receiving photos & videos on the Festive Five 2014 Litter on their Facebook Page, so anyone with a Facebook account, please do give them a follow, or check them out by *clicking* HERE.

Rob & I went to town this morning on a couple of errands, such as bank, drug store & grocery store.  I rang through our items at the checkout in the grocery store, but when checking my bill as I walked out I noticed I had been charged $2.99 each for the Blueberries, rather then the $2.49 which had been posted.

Back in the store I went. Apparently they had not taken down the old sign, and she was going to adjust my bill to give me the "lower" price.  I made the comment that when my girlfriend, Vicki, shops at Zehrs and the price is wrong they give the item to her at no charge.  Now that I think about it they did that for me at Food Basics once.

After saying that the checkout girl told me they do it at Foodland as well, up to the amount of $10.00, however do not tell people this.  I guess I am now telling people about this, as if I would not have mentioned it I would have only had my bill adjusted.  Hmmmm any thoughts on this anyone?

My poor Rob was out in the cold elements most of the day fixing our tractor.  The fuel filter had frozen more then likely from condensation.  It took him a few hours to get it all sorted out, but he did.  Thank goodness he is so handy this way, but no matter it was his poor body and arthritis that had to withstand the cold.

He had to go downtown to pickup something when my friend, Wenda, called to see if he would drop by their store for something.  Wenda & Cathy own The Purple Turtle & Balloon Headquarters  (check them out by clicking their highlighted name) downtown Wiarton.  Wenda & I had both been on the Santa Claus committee this past Year, and had a hoot doing it, especially getting all the candy for the children's bags.

Rob came home with this "fun" Happy Valentines Day balloon from Wenda & Cathy, with some chocolate rosebuds & jelly beans weighting it down.  What a fantastic surprise that absolutely made my day.  Thanks girls xoxoxo.

The Painted Turtle & Balloon Headquarters is a unique and fun place to drop in at.  I took Liz and the girls there this past Summer where they had so much fun making their own bracelets.  They are looking forward to going back again this upcoming Summer.

Not only was it a Winter Wonderland this morning, the day brought with it a bitter cold.  Right now the temp is sitting at -18 * C.  The temps are to drop to -26 by tomorrow morning, feeling like -36 with the Wind Chill factor.  Extreme Cold & Blowing Snow advisories have been issued for our area(s) which you can find by going HERE.

I had just been out with our Buddy boy, and let me Tell the World, that North Wind went right through me.  I said to Rob I sure hope our Wood Stove keeps fired up all night long, as I sure don't want to go out with the Aussies in that cold to come back into a cold house.  YIKES !  I am so done with COLD.

Dinner was simple this evening with store made Honey Garlic Sausages baked in the oven till done, served up on a bun.  Not only adjusting to my new meds sapping the energy from me, the cold is adding to it.  Simple is a better solution at times like these.

Saugeen Shores is pretty much closed up this evening as the weather is terrible with blowing snow and extreme cold temps.  Not a good night for Taxi business when everyone is being smart and staying at home.  The Highway between Southampton & Port Elgin has been also closed for some time.  Rob & I made the decision to pull our driver and send him home, as there is no sense in heating a van while sitting with no calls coming in.  There are hopefully better days ahead, and if there isn't I know where Wiarton Willie resides.

Stay warm and cozy wherever you might be, as I am going to try my best to keep the home fires burning hot, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    We're in the cold as well, and we've had snow most of the day.

  2. it's up to you to point out the scanning code of practice rule to the cashiers. Don't think it should be like that but it is what it is I guess.

    Stay warm.


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