Sunday, 15 February 2015

Stuck In The Snow

The last couple of nights have been heavenly.  So much so that I have been sleeping until and least 6 am, and not getting up out of bed until 7 am.  Yes a slice of heaven for what I have been used to for the last couple of years and more.

I think I have made it through the rough spots of the change up in medication, thank goodness.  I had also got a phone call from my Doctor's office at the end of the week that my MRI showed the spot on my liver is benign, so another worry behind me.  I am beyond grateful for my Doctor ordering every test possible, and that there is such tests available.  Very thankful.

Last night had been so stormy, Rob never got called out, so he also had a good night's sleep finally as well.  

Yesterday Rob out in the elements fixing the tractor.  This morning it had been -25 when I went out with Buddy, and almost 9 am it was still -23* out, and 23* in the house.  I was happy to be inside in the 23*.

Poor Rob got stuck this morning.  Poor Rob not only got stuck, but got stuck in our own driveway.  I suppose if one gets stuck that is the best place to have it happen, not like me last Winter getting stuck in our neighbour's driveway.  Thank goodness the tractor was fixed, as I got in, put it in drive, and he pushed it out.  Rob was right quick to get that deep spot blown out.

Great reports and photos coming in this morning of 4 of our Festive Five.  Izzy looks like she was a perfect Valentine girl.  Lyric was finally pooped out by her Forever Family, as was Jax.  Raven and his Mistress were all bundled up to go out this morning in the freezing cold temps, as he has been doing amazing with his potty training.  I so love getting photos & updates.  No photo of Snickers today, however the outside potty training has begun despite the below freezing temps.

Today was a bit more laundry done up, and a trip into Owen Sound for a bit of shopping and my hair cut.  Not too sure if I care for my hair cut, as it is a bit top heavy and maybe could have been thinned a bit more.  I will see how it is when I was it myself then decide to go back or not.

This is how my hair has been the past couple of days ...

Tomorrow is Family Day here in Ontario.  The "Crabby Cabbie" is taking Family Day off, so I am looking forward to Rob being home mostly the whole day with us, as he does have one regular commitment first thing in the morning.

Tonight it will be stay cuddled in and warm in front of the TV for us, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. have a good day of rest tomorrow............

  2. We've had much the same temperatures going on here.

  3. Such nice puppy photos - it must help you with your own separation anxiety to see them so well placed!
    I LOVE Family Day! We're just hanging out too, I finished a book I was reading and Kazi is watching "Friday Night Lights" on Netflix. The cats are snoozing - all is well and good in our little world :)


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