Friday, 27 February 2015

Sunshine To Begin The Day

Sunshine to Begin The Day

I had been out with Portia about 6:30 am, then rushed her back in to get my camera to catch the morning sunrise.  It was worth rushing for, even though it didn't last too long.  Thinking "camera" is a good thing for me, as I have not been as eager the past few months with my camera as I used to be.  I do LOVE taking pictures though, and quite surprised I haven't worn out my present camera yet (as I have had it a whole year already).

Last night I did NOT get the dishes done, nor my bed made.  I did load the dishwasher this morning, and make my bed.  I can not believe I did not make my bed, however my side is rarely messy, but the other side where "you know who" sleeps was as usual.

I had an early morning errand to do.  Once I had returned back home, let all the Aussies out again, I actually cleaned 1/3 of my kitchen counter.  I think 1/3 surely is better then none.  I also managed to sweep at least a 1/2 dozen dogs off the floors.

While I was searching the closet for vacuum cleaner bags I cleaned out tons, and I mean tons, of plastic grocery bags.  Not sure what I was saving them all for, but they have all been put in three larger bags and will be dropped around to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, hopefully tomorrow.

How was I feeling this morning?  More rested once again thank God, which certainly helped me get what I did today done.  I have to get somewhere soon with the mess as next Friday I meet up with our bookkeeper to finish off our Crabby Cabbie books for 2014 and get them off to the accountant.

The week later I have to get prepared for having our boys, Aiden and Connor, for he March School Break, the following week..  It will be a busy week for me when they are here as they will want to be kept busy, as any 7 and 10 year old boy normally does.  We will also see if Poppa will take us all out for my Birthday, which will be fun to do.  Maybe they can go with Poppa to pick out a Birthday Cake to surprise me with.  You know how kids LOVEEEE to keep secrets and have a surprise on their grandparents or parents !

I had taken a package of steaks out of the freezer yesterday, not realizing there had been three very large ones in the bag.  With our deck under much snow, I decided to throw them into the Crock Pot on top of a bed of carrots, dash them with Worcestershire & Soya Sauces, and a couple onions on top with a few shakes of Montreal Steak Spice.

Yes it was very good, and there is enough leftover to make a Beef Pot or Shepherd's Pie, as I saved the drippings to make a gravey with.  A two meals in one kind of dinner.

Now dinner is over with only having to take the Aussies out for one more time tonight, I will then be able to relax a bit and watch some TV.  I do enjoy watching International House Hunters, the Property Brothers and Love it Or List it.

We have received a couple more videos from our Festive Five pups new homes.  To go view our Facebook page, *click* HERE.

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. that's something to really look forward to having the boys up. It was a little nicer today with all the sun out and shining.

  2. A shepherd's pie is a really good meal for a winter's day.

  3. We love shepherds pie I make it once a week here in the winters . I have had my camera for 2 years now and I take at least 100 photos a day and thankfully it still has a fair amount of actuation's left but soon I will need another one ! This is my second camera in 6 years lol ! Oh I bet you excited to have the boys visit . Weather is to warm up a bit as the week goes on , come on spring ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !


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