Thursday, 26 February 2015

Yes That Would Be The Number

Not much sleep last night, however what I did get I felt more rested this morning then the past few weeks.  This is a good thing.  Wouldn't matter if I had still been tired on my feet when I got up as going out at 6:30 am in -18 *C woke me "wide" awake whether I wanted to be or not.

Funny thing is I didn't feel too bad until I realized I had two commitments this morning.  As soon as I realized this I started feeling ill, shaky and something just short of an anxiety attack.  First thing I did was call Rob, who told me to try and push myself to go.  Next call to my friend, Vicki, who proceeded to tell me she had banged her hand she just had surgery on this past Tuesday, as to distract my thoughts to her.  Really it was one of those things that are not funny but was funny ... if you know what I mean?

Once I got going where I was headed off to this morning I had settled down and relaxed back to my "norm" self, which I really don't have any idea how to define that state of a "norm" me any more.  I will get it all figured out eventually, as I have been down this dark road before, even though it has been 10 years gone by now.  It seems I do not adapt to change from a routine very well, with this being more or less the main thing I need to work through.

I got back home by lunch time, where I slid by having lunch then overindulging in eating some "bad" foods.  I blew my whole calorie count for the day at lunch time by consuming two toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels with Lite Cheddar Cheese (not that the "lite" mattered much after the rest), a huge garden salad with No Fat Raspberry Dressing (not that the ."no fat" mattered either), then ate five, yes that would be the number 5, Nature's Trail Sweet & Salty Peanut bars for a total of 800 calories just for the bars !  The only bonus to eating almost a total of 1600 calories at lunch time is that I am still full and will be skipping dinner tonight.

With depression, fatigue, anxiety and/or stress comes comfort eating.  Believe me after the comfort eating I get more depressed by all the weight I have put on.  It gets to be a vicious circle and a battle within to say the least.

I have walked under 3000 steps so far to day.  I am hoping to get my steps upto a goal of 4000 per day within the next couple of weeks.  I have yet to make my bed and do the dishes today.  My head feels heavy, I am exhausted, but no matter what I will do those to things yet today.

Yesterday we received a Postcard from one of our regular Crabby Cabbie customers, who is a 78 year old Snowbird, down in Florida for a month.  This is the card she had sent us ...

... with this ~ "Thought Rob would enjoy the view".

Yes we love this lady !  Whenever I get to see her we have ourselves some pretty good laughs.  No lack of a sense of humour about this lady.

Despite the temps down in the double digit minuses today, there had been an abundance of Sunshine.  It draped itself across Colpoy's Bay below the escarpment.

I used to always take my camera out with me when outside with our Aussies, but haven't been the last while.  Today I still had it in the Van when I was out with Lexus so was able to capture a couple good shots of my gorgeous girl.

This girl really captures my heart.  Who would guess she had a litter of five pups a short 2 months ago? she was back in prime shape in no time whatsoever.

I did receive a phone call mid-afternoon from the organization my Doctor had referred me to for counselling.  They are now booking appointments into the month of June.  She gave me an appointment and put me on a cancellation list.

Time will tell, in the meantime the support I have with family and friends is priceless, and ever so much appreciated.

Gill, to date this Winter we have burned 12 cords of wood, and maybe will burn 3 more with the rest ready for this upcoming Fall.  There is 8 cords to a bush cord.  Wood is our only source of heat, with two wood stoves, so we spoke for it now as there will be none to be gotten come Fall time.

I have the Kitchener News on & today was the last day the Schneider''s Plant was open with their doors closing for good.  Another Icon closed down again in Kitchener.  For those interested in more news on this Headline, just *click* HERE.  I had worked a half a block away from this Plant for 5 years and knew many of its employees.  My Uncle Bill and my brother had also worked there at one time years ago.  Much a part of Kitchener's history went along with this plant.

My head is aching, my neck is paining me, and I still have a bed to make and dishes to do so I am off not really running to fast to get it all done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. oh that's not bad Cindy we used to go through 3 BUSH cords a year at the old house. I thought you were burning bush cords nor cords.........

  2. It's always good to laugh at a clutzy friend cause I get to snicker at you too! We hold each other up.

  3. I am feeling the same way Cindy, I think a lot of it has to do with this record cold February... Friends are a great distraction for sure...

  4. I remember passing by that plant in the Kitchener area from time to time.

    The scenic sights of Florida, huh?

  5. You know I'm holding your hand through this don't you girlfriend?

    We had to buy some wood last week. It's crappy wood, but it's wood.

  6. Sending hugs Cindy lots of hugs. This has been a difficult winter. Spring is coming hold on . HUGS B

  7. I also am sending lots of thought and support. Congrats on the increase in steps, sorry you are so exhausted, perhaps another afternoon nap would help with that, best thoughts.

  8. I'm the same as you...when I feel down I reach for the sugar...or the carbs :( which certainly doesn't help us feel any better! Exercise will help though so keep up the walking :)

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