Saturday, 21 February 2015

Could Have Been Better

The day could have been better, however now that I think about it nothing was wrong with the day as it was me that could have been better.  There are some days when I think I would like to pull a blind down between the World and myself, pulling it back up when I feel better with myself and able to face it again.

Time does not stop to wait for us ... this I am certain I have said many times.  Life is to short to pause for a time out, so one must continue on their journey no matter how difficult at times it may seem to be.

I am tired.  I woke up this morning feeling more rested then I had in some time.  That lasted all but part of the morning when the fatigue overcame me once again.  Yes I am tired.  It seems I never feel rested or have the energy my head tells me I need to have.

Today all I accomplished was striping the bed to wash it.  The mattress pad is still in the dryer drying, so the bed still needs made up before I can even think about going to bed.

Rob and I went into Owen Sound this morning to do a bit of shopping.  I do like hanging out with him most days.  It is always nice having my best friend close by me.

Then there is my hairy best friend that is always there for me and has never let me down ...

This boy warms my heart and has put a smile on my face in some of my worse times. 
 Love my Bandit Boy to the Moon & back.

We had some more cuteness sent our way last night from Raven's Forever Home.

Everyone should have a "Tickle Me Aussie" should they not?

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully the day goes well with a feeling of contentment, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hopefully you get a good night's sleep. I recommend a good mug of hot chocolate.

  2. I agree a good night's sleep makes the following day a lot more happier for all concerned. I am hoping for one tonight!!


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