Thursday, 5 February 2015

Some Days ...

What a gorgeous day it was with a full sky of sunshine despite double digits in the minuses from -20 to -13, with the barometer sitting at -10 presently outside my doors.

The Festive Five 2014 Litter was recycled again this morning while I cleaned out a very "stinky" pen.  Mornings are the worse, as throughout the daytime I keep on top of it between 3 time feedings.  Their personalities have really been showing, as well as lots and lots of Aussie puppy energy.  Should it not be so cold I would have had them all for a romp in the snow to burn some of that energy off ... brrr it has been.

The other day I had posted the Wiarton Train Station which is located down in Wiarton's Bluewater Park, abutting the shoreline of Colpoy's Bay.

Today a follower on Wiarton's Facebook page shared their photo of when the Wiarton Train Station was moved to where it now sits.  More captivating information may be read by *clicking* HERE.  I love History and thought this all to be very interesting.

My Son, Paul,  had the surgery on his broken finger completed last night around 11 pm.  He is to be off from his job for a month with it, doing hand therapy within that timeline.

The swelling is up and the pain unbearable.  Yes at the tip is the wire sticking out of the top of his finger.  I do not think my Paul will be sticking his hand into a plugged snow blower anytime in the near future or ever again.  I shirk at the thoughts of how much pain he is experiencing with this.

Some days I think I could throw in the towel.  Today was one of those days.  I went to see my Doctor today where it was determined my medications needed to be "changed up" again to find a better fit.  The meds I will be switching to cause weight gain.  I have never had a weight problem until the past Year wherein I have gained 20 lbs., which is 20 lbs more then what I weighted when 9 months expecting with my youngest son !  YIKES !!!   To me it has been 20 lbs of depression, and to hear I will probably be gaining more weight almost sent me over the edge.

This new medication is to get the Fibromyalgia's chronic pain/depression/fatigue under control as it had been spiraling downward again the past Year.  Fibro requires one pacing themselves and routine.  My life the past Year has afforded neither, and until it does I am beginning to realize I need help through medication.  I had been on Lyrica for two years with barely to no relief at all, and did not want to continue putting chemicals in my body which were not giving me any relief.  Now we are trying a couple different kinds of meds to see if we can find a "fit".

Menopause thrown into the mix has not been kind at all, as most woman who experience can attest to.

Unseen diseases are so difficult for the one who suffers with them.  Should another not see, or have felt same themselves, the disease they do not "get it".  Really those people who say or think, "just get over it" truly drive me mad, as no some things you just can't "get over" by snapping your fingers. 

A battle within, usually spent in Silence, can be the most difficult for some of us at the best of times.  Good friends, family, understanding and support makes all the difference in the World.  I have gone on and on about the same things I have been going through continuously with a couple of my very good friends, and my one Sister, who listen and never stop me ... it helps to have that kind of understanding and support, and I pray I always give the same back when it is required of me.

I am happy I started blogging, coming up four years now, as I have found it to be a release some of the time to get it out before me.  I do it for myself, as it is something nobody can take from me, with how I feel.  My feelings & thoughts will always be my own, as the days of being what other people wanted me to be are long behind me..

How will I go forward? well I did not handle the news to well first off, immediately going to the grocery store buying 3 pints of blueberries and eating them all myself.  Yes it was a healthy binge, but still one that cost me 600 calories.  The upside was I was beyond full and if I had ate one 500 calorie Time Horton's donut I might not have achieved a full feeling probably going for 5 more donuts... *smile*.  Since time does not wait for us, I will go forward attempting to see the light at the end of my tunnel hoping it holds health and wellness.  What more could one wish for?

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. onwards and upwards as they say Cindy. You do need to slow down though!!

  2. Is he left handed or right handed?

    I live with depression- my sisters, who I've had to remove from my life, would be the sort of people who would say, "just get over it."

  3. I am so in agreement with you Cindy. I had that argument with my DD today, why is she taking all these meds that are CLEARLY NOT WORKING.

  4. It is a struggle finding the right combination of drugs, and I can well attest to how menopause factors in and makes things worse. Sorry to hear about your change of meds, hopefully they will help and it won't be for nothing.


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