Wednesday 5 November 2014

YAY Us !

Today I was meeting my BFF, Vicki, who was driving up from Fergus, in Owen Sound.  We were picking up our jackets we had ordered resulting from each winning a $50.00 GC on a Facebook Contest/Draw.

I went a bit earlier as I had purchased a pair of Bogs from Kijiji which I had made arrangements to pickup this morning while over that way.  By the time I had done that, and went to another store picking up a few things, as well as a Christmas gift, Vicki had called to say they were in Springmount.

Vicki had brought her Mother along, and we were meeting up at Elsie's Diner.  I had never been at this restaurant before, hearing both good and bad about it since its opening well over a Year ago now.

Vicki and her Mom, sat across from me and Vicki's Aunt who had also met up with us there for Lunch, sat besideme.  The Diner was most certainly 50's style and lighted nicely.  Vicki and I each ordered the Fish & Chips which had been a nice proportions, however the coleslaw neither us care for and both left.  Total for one order was $14.00 plus change with taxes, plus tip.  Almost a $20.00 lunch, good but a bit on the pricey side.  The lunch "special" had been $11.99 which was a Reuben Sandwich with a side of fries and soup.

Interested in some more reviews on Elsie's Diner? do so by *clicking* HERE.

Vicki's Mom and Aunt went their way after lunch, while Vicki and I headed on over to HAVE1.COM to pickup our new jackets. is located going into Owen Sound from the West.  They are quite well know in Grey/Bruce as you can see supplying a variety of services both on Business and Personal levels.  Yes there is Vicki giving me a "pose".

Once we had both gotten our jackets, rendering the $50. GC, and paying the difference each of $22.32, we walked away quite satisfied with our purchases, especially since the regular price had been $233.00.

A HUGE "thank you" goes out to HAVE1.COM,  Check them out by *clicking* HERE.

I dropped Vicki back off to her vehicle where we said our good-byes, her heading South and I heading off North towards our respective homes.

Along the way home I stopping into see a friend of mine who just opened her business in Hepworth, after relocating there from Allenford.  More on that tomorrow, as I am dropping back to see her to learn more about her new facility, and of course to have a wee bit of a visit.  Business and pleasure so to speak.

Before going home I had to stop in to pickup a few things at the Wiarton Foodland.  Yes I had been surprised to see ...

... my Great Nephew, Riley, who was "working" for the day there.  Apparently today was Go To Work with Your Parent day for the Grade 9's, and my brother, who is retired, made arrangements with the Foodland Manager for Riley to work there for the day.  He had a great person to work alongside, as Laurie is an amazing and fun person.

I couldn't wait to get home to try out my new Bogs, and try on my new jacket.

Check out the Bogs ! they are totally so comfortable (the colour on the box said "brown", now where did they come up with Brown when they are so "Plum"?).  My jacket is "out of this World" the bomb !  I love it, and loved the price even better.  OMG it is so warm .. I am all ready to Rock the Cold this Winter.

The Jacket is a Northend Brand, it has an audio port inside, an EZway system which features a detachable hood and inner lining, it is seam sealed, waterproof and breathable.  As I said, I will be rocking this Winter with warmth.-off hood. E

Not only had I been pleased about the price of the jacket, the brand new Bogs were $94.99 plus taxes, which had not worked out for the Wife, who they had been purchased for by the Husband.  A lovely couple, who I had told if any future whim did not work out that he buys for his wife, to please do call me, as all these comfortable durable weather insulated boots cost me was a mere $30.00 !!!  Brown or Plum, no matter as I can live with that price.

I LOVE shoes, sandals and boots (a bit of a fetish maybe with me).  Now I have been over at the Bog website, I am thinking maybe saving some money some day (or year) for a sharp pair of leather ones that you can check out yourself by *clicking* HERE.  Pretty sharp are they not? and comfort at its best.

Tonight was a free for all on your own night for Dinner.  I had a salad, rye toast, yogurt and a pear. Rob I think had salad and a sandwich.  It was all good.

Rob has already headed down the hall to bed, and I surely know I will not be long behind him, as I am soooo tired,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Nice jacket indeed!

    I like the ingredients of a Reuben.... except the bread. I can't stand rye bread, and yet without the rye bread, is it still a Reuben?

    1. I don't know if it would be or not? rather would think not. I absoloutely LOVE Rye bread, toasted or grilled the best.

  2. Love that jacket and what a bargain! I've not heard of I really behind the times here? They look VERY comfortable. Autumn/Fall is definitely here. xx

  3. BOGS are supposed to be awesome boots and will probably last you forever! $30.00 is a killer deal too!! :) Enjoy! You look great in your jacket too!!


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