Sunday 16 November 2014

Grandma's Brooches

The past week finally took its toll on me yesterday, with a body that was beyond exhausted physically and mentally.  Last night I can actually say I slept like a "rock", and believe, you, me, it felt damn, damn, triple damn good.  

Today Rob was going to change up the fridges as he had our neighbour, Doug, coming to help him move the one we had purchased a couple of weeks ago up from the basement, and our old one downstairs, then the really really old one outside.

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I have a busy week ahead of me (no surprise for some who know me, right?), so I thought I best be getting up to see my Mother today.  Rob seemed to think he didn't need me to change everything over from the old fridge to the newer one, so off I went.

My Mother loves brooches.  My Auntie Gladys had given me some brooches the other day which had been my Grandmothers.  I kept the one to the right out for myself ... it is beautiful, and reminds me of my Grandmother's beautiful spirit.  Grandma Masterson had always been so kind, good and loving to me, and every memory I have of her I hold close to my Heart.  One particular memory of her tucking me in for the night on the cot in her home... so many years ago.

Holy Snow Batman !  we had such a big snowfall last night and this morning.  It was up to my boot tops when taking Portia out this morning.  The first snowfall is always so clean and pretty, is it not?

I had a really good visit with my Mom.  She had been very happy to get the brooches, thank you for your thoughtfulness Auntie Gladys !  Ha, I took a selfie of Mom and I.  When I showed it to her she had said, "what an awful picture".  She makes me laugh.  I have to try to put a Friday afternoon aside for her so I can go up and play Bingo with her.  That should be a fun afternoon for us together, especially since I am not the greatest Bingo player in the World.

After I left Mom I ran into my Cousin Suzanne.  We met up at Timmies for a coffee and it of a visit together, which really was a nice change up for me.  After that little visit I headed on back home to the reality of cleaning the old fridge, and throwing out some long overdue foods  that Rob had put back in the newer fridge.  Bless his Soul, that had been one big job ... thanks Honey I do so appreciate you.  And he responds with, "and so you should".

Yes I had lots of help in the kitchen with Portia by my side almost the whole time.  I also managed to get a box of "stuff" ready to go to the Sally Ann Store.  

Not only did I put a box of unwanted items together I had also threw a bunch of old papers to the side to burn in the wood stove.  Finally a bit of clutter rid of ... and trust me there is a lot more that will be following as soon as I find the time.  I think I will claim the Year of 2015 as the Year to totally Declutter !!!

I had a pair of Avia running shoes I had purchased back in June.  I had hardly wore them barely 3 months when the stitching had began coming apart on them.  Brooks is the company who made the shoes, who I contacted, and they replaced.  I just got the new pair the other day.  When I went to put them away today in my bedroom I realized ...

... the shoes I had bought "on sale" a couple of months ago when down in the City visiting with my Son, Paul, that they were identical to the ones I had just ordered from Brooks and received.  Well I suppose my tastes haven't changed at all in the past  couple of months since I picked out the "exact" same shoes unbeknownst to myself.  And then I had been pleasantly surprised that I had also bought myself new socks ... YAY me !!!

Rob got a call to go to Owen Sound about 10 minutes to 5:00 pm.  I decided to go along for the ride.  When we came back we had a quick Dinner of Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches.  Leftover ham is so good for sandwiches, soups and or casseroles.

Here is is almost 8 pm with me feeling a bit more then weary.  This is a good sign to soon say good-night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. Given the last couple of weeks in your family, it's good that you got a solid night's sleep. Your body definitely needed it.


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