Saturday 22 November 2014

This MUCH Ticked

I headed South down Hwy 6 this morning with full intentions of going to the Christmas Bazaar at my Auntie's Church in Port Elgin.  I got a call from the gal I was to meet up with in Hepworth telling me her driveway was a sheet of ice, and her vehicle was as well.  I decided to forge ahead until it started pouring buckets of rain ... the radio was saying "freezing rain", so I turned around in Hepworth and headed back home.

Before I got home I stopped at Foodland for a few things, mainly salad and salad dressing.  I was not happy with myself this past week as I slipped off by going over 3 days on my Calorie intake, resulting in gaining the four pounds I had previously lost.  I was this MUCH ticked about that first thing this morning.

I arrive happily back home to happy happy Aussies, and a very happy hubby, who I made lunch for. Rob mentioned to me that the Diatomaceous (Food Grade) that we consume daily had slipped from his hands this morning and was all over the place, however he had cleaned it all up.  No worries as he had done a great job with absolutely none noticeable anywhere in the kitchen.

The rest of the day was pretty much a lazy day with the rain making us feel so inclined to be lazy, as well as playing havoc on both mine and Rob's bones.  Rob decided to go to bed for a bit of a nap as he had a late night last night.

I decided I should vacuum up some of the Aussie hair, and picked up my rechargeable vac to do so ending up with one "HELLUVA" mess  more then the dog hair on my hands .

"Somebody had used my Rechargeable Vac to clean up the Diatomaceous, which is a fine powder, finer then flour.  As soon as I had picked up the Vac it all fell out all over.  I not only had a total mess to clean up, it sticking to everything, I had to pull my vac apart to wash it the best I could.

Yes over this too I had been this MUCH ticked !

This would be the snoozing culprit and his side kick here, GUILTY AS CHARGED.

Yes I  had made it quite known I had been this MUCH ticked, four times I was told.  I got over it and all is well now *smile*.

I have had Christmas Cards on my mind this past week.  I haven't decided if I want to send any this Year or not with the price increase of stamps.  However it is so nice to get a Card in the mail, is it not?  Who of you will be sending Christmas Cards or not this Year?

My culprit has gone to work, and his side kick is now sleeping at my feet.  I am hoping to get a couple more rows knitted on a scarf I have been working on for sometime now, then put up my feet to watch a little TV and relax before it is bedtime, as being this MUCH ticked can be very exhausting you know.

That's all she wrote,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Ack! I've recently had that happen with Ashes......yuck yuck yuck.
    I hope we aren't getting any freezing rain here tonight. The girl has gone out with some of her friends. Forty years old and Mom is still worried like she was 14!

    1. We will never stop worrying about them Karen, no matter how old they are !

  2. The snoozing culprit and sidekick look much too relaxed.

    We got the freezing rain by mid-afternoon.

  3. Don't you love when they 'help' and make a bigger mess :)

    I'm sending out card this year as usual, BUT I'm keeping better track of who sends cards to us. Next year's list will likely be smaller.

  4. Oh, I hope you have a much better day tomorrow!


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