Sunday 2 November 2014

See You In The Springtime !

How did everyone make out with that Daylight Savings time Fall Back?

I didn't do worth a diddly squat, but then my sleeping patterns are never the best on a good day.  Someone forgot to clue our Aussies in, as their internal clocks never went back an hour.  It will take a bit, but eventually will sort itself out.

I was out the door first thing this morning taking a Tim Hortons coffee up to my Mother.  She seemed a bit under the weather today with a bit of a cold or something.  She had told me she hadn't been feeling well for the past three days.  There is a bit of sniffles going around with all the rain and cold we had last week.

Regardless we had a nice little visit.  I will be going back soon as she needs some new batteries in her one decorative light.

Mom had also asked me to get her another Motion Lamp, as the one I had gotten her a year ago was not working anymore.  Should anyone know where I can purchase one at a very reasonable please do let me know.  I realize Ebay has some but I am not willing to pay those prices, nor the cost of shipping and duty from the States.  Also it does not have to be a Vintage Motion Lamp, even though that would be lovely.

This is what a Motion Lamp looks like, with various scenes or animations.  My Great Aunt Lizzie had one that was a train ... it appeared the train was moving with smoke coming from its stack..  I had love that lamp as a child, and always had attached good memories for me to it.

I  have been having a difficult time when I have been leaving the house in the mornings lately as ...

.... I keep forgetting there is frost on my Van windows, as well as frozen Maple leaves stuck on them, that require cleaning off before I go anywhere.  I suppose a bit of beautiful frost is much easier to take then three foot of snow.

After my visit with Mother I did a bit of running around with some errands I had to do, such as pick up a couple of cards, go to the Wiarton Home Building Centre for a new mop and some mice traps/bait, you know the usual type of things, which also included a bank deposit.  Oh yes I did check my Lottery Tickets, but of course that was another "BUST" as usual.

I did manage to get a load of laundry out on the line today, even though I had to finish it off late this afternoon for a wee bit in the dryer.

It was a perfect day for the RV to head on down the road .... "see you in the Springtime" !

I followed Rob down to where we are storing it.  I couldn't leave Rob in Storage until Springtime, I NEED him around.

All nice safe & sound from the Winter ahead she is now.  Our Crabby Cabbie John was also storing their 5th Wheel Trailer, however not the one pictured beside ours, even though I am certain he wished it was ... quite the beauty is it not?

By the time we got back home it had been after 4 pm.  The laundry had to come in, a bit of Dinner had to be had, Aussies needed out and back in ... geesh then it was DARK !!  Never mind us feeling tired.

On that note I believe I will call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I've never heard of motion lamps.

    I'm usually in bed anyway when the dawn comes, so I didn't notice the difference until earlier when the sun was going down an hour earlier than usual. Then it really hits you.

  2. It was such a glorious day of sunshine around here yesterday, I so enjoyed it, until of course it was dark by 5:30pm - YUCK!!


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