Thursday 20 November 2014

A Bit

Today I actually got a bit in the house accomplished.  Notice I said, "a bit", as in not much, not a whole lot, but truly "a bit".  A bit is always much better then nothing is it not?  I am hoping so as "a bit" is all I got done.

Did I leave my property today? NOPE, and you know what?  I had been quite happy about that.

I did make a couple of phone calls with more planning of the upcoming Wiarton Santa Claus Parade ... it really isn't too far off now.  I also got a notice from Mom's residence, Gateway Haven, that there is a Christmas get together for residence and their family members on the evening of December 3rd.  My oldest sister, Jeanne, and my niece Joanne, will be going along with me that evening (weather permitting of course is always how you accept such an invited in Bruce County).

Now for an itty bitty little rant I have been stewing over "a bit" today

Facebook is a great social media portal for people to meet, come together with friends & family, and to share.  My blog is shared there daily, as well as on my Twitter account.  I had just recently noticed that an acquaintence had un-friended me.  I sent this same person a text message to ask if they had deleted their facebook account.  No they had not, however what they had done was un-friend me from their Facebook as they hadn't liked that I had blogged about having a trapper on our property, and my posting photos of the animal(s) he had trapped.  

Well my opinion on this is that trapping of some animals is part of Life, also a livelihood for some, and this is what is done sometimes.  

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but what is not right is people wanting you to respect theirs, however not giving the same respect back.  I am of the opinion if that is not the case then "don't let the door hit your arce on the way out".

Facebook? there are things that I don't always like what I see there either, however what I do try to do is "take what I like and leave the rest".  But to unfriend every person who posts something I might "not" like or "not" agree with? that is just downright childish, in MY OPINION, which does not have to be someone else's opinion by the way.

When I did not respond to my niece's "good morning" text this morning, and responded with I am tired and already sick of Winter, she in turn "nailed" it by sending me this ....

Ha ! that pretty much sums up a few things at times does it not?  In my opinion, I think so.

On to more lighter brighter happier feelings ... 

... really now who doesn't love Neil Young, and who else would mind seeing a Roasted Chicken Dinner posted on my Facebook Page? don't think anyone who knows my Heart of Gold would mind either.

Oh yes, the Chicken Dinner ...

Good family/friends, good food and Life are things this girl LOVES, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I've reached a point where I don't put anything the least bit controversial on FB anymore. I've only ever had one person unfriend me (a cousin!). A cousin, who is a pastors wife, sent me a cute cartoon with a religeous subject. I posted it to FB and the other cousin, also a pastors wife, took OFFENCE. Sigh, that old saying, you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time,comes to mind.

  2. I've not always agreed with friends on something they might post politically... but I don't take it anywhere beyond that.

  3. I;m not a Facebook fan and wouldn't even know how to 'unfriend' someone! I know I should really post.v my blog on it but I can't be bothered. So sorry you're feeling like this Cindy. I send a big hug over the pond. xx


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