Saturday 15 November 2014

All Natural Flu Prevention

Yesterday I had been down at the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce office which is in Bluewater Park fronting onto Colpoy's Bay.  With a fresh snow it set the stage for more beauty then it already holds. 

What do you think?

With all the heavy rain and high winds some days last week I was surprised at so many leaves still on the three Maples.  A beautiful contrast I was happy to take in.

Also yesterday when I had been dropping off Santa Claus Parade posters, Holly of The Cluttered Cupboard had some of her concoction she had been telling me about ready and waiting for me to drop by.   To be quite honest, it isn't that bad and truly Buckley's tastes worse.  

Thanks for sharing, Holly ! and as you told me it has kept you Flu free for some time now, and you can't beat that.

Even though my house is still in shambles, I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done today, and the front entrance cleaned and washed.

... now I wonder with our dear Bandit & little Portia how long it will stay clean.  Thanks to Bob & Susan Hoffman for the old towels which sure come in handy with the dogs.  Extra thanks to them for keeping us in mind by dropping around another box to us today !

Last week our local Foodland store had Sweet Pickled Cottage Rolls on for $2.99 per lb.  I had picked up a couple for the freezer as they are usually that price double and more at regular price.  We love the one pot Dinner in the Crock Pot.

One pot dinner in the Crock Pot is a Sweet Pickled Cottage Roll, Carrots, Potatoes & Cabbage.  We put the vegetables in at the last 2 hours of cooking time so they do not go to mush.

Leftovers? of course as they are the best.  The broth leftover from the water all cooked in I saved to make a Ham and Bean Soup.  Dinner tomorrow.

After travelling South two days this past week my body was feeling it today, still I was happy to have gotten done what I had, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. What a beautiful magnificent photo. The orange leaves in all their glory. I have a Japanese Maple and all this week, it has been the brightest shade of red and when the sun hits it, it's even prettier. After last night's heavy frost, the tree is bare and the leaves are scattered. Beautiful while it lasted.....Bess

  2. Such a contrast with the leaves still on the tree and snow on the ground!

  3. I think it's beautiful! Always nice to be near water like Colpoy's Bay for pictures.

  4. Love the colours of the trees in the snow very pretty ! We have to have towels just for Miggs as she loves the out doors and always needs to be dried off of either snow or rain and she has her own blow drier to lol ! Light snow falling this evening down here but I dont think it will stick ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Your first first is gorgeous! And I am a strong believer in natural remedies for cold and flu prevention and cures. Warm greetings from a snowy Montreal.

  6. The photo with the maple trees is lovely - what a great contrast of colour! This weather is perfect for soup - I'll be making potato leek soup when I'm caught up on the blogs :)


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