Monday 24 November 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Wow I don't know what it was but last night as I sure could use more like that ... not one stab of pain woke me all night long, and I never felt a thing, that is until I woke up.  A little bit of what Heaven feels like I am sure, and definitely something I used to feel all the time a few years back.

Then that darn Lexus decided she needed out at 5 am .. silly girl is still on the "old" time for some reason.  Hopefully I will get another night like that under my belt.

Today was crazy with downpour of rain and high winds, with it still going on.  There are places around reporting hydro outages this evening.  So far so good here, touch wood.

What a difference from 5 days ago, is it not? 

Today I didn't do too much other then make up a bill and hand-deliver it, then drop into the Chamber Office to go over a few Santa Claus details.  It is amazing how some days fly right by us, does it not, and I barely lifted a hand.  It is really has been kind of a blah blah blah day.

Really I helped Rob secure the Gazebo cover somewhat a little better from the winds, got a load of laundry done, and tided up here and there (as in picking up the "chunks".

Dinner this evening was simple ...

We hadn't had French Toast for some time.  It was really good with a side of scrambled eggs.

Should anyone be up and about Wiarton they are having their 2nd Annual WHITE WEDNESDAY !  this upcoming week.

Lots of in store "specials" with many stores and shops staying OPEN until late.

Lots more listed on the website if you *click* HERE.  It should be an exciting and fun day & I pray the weather cooperates !!!!

The "Voice" is on this evening, but before then I am going to take it easy and knit a couple of rows on that long time project of the scarf I have had on the go, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. French toast always makes for a good meal!

    We didn't have too much rain, but mostly overcast skies, and the winds picked up as the afternoon wore on.


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