Tuesday 18 November 2014

Moving Forward

Honest to goodness I am certain I was sleeping by 8:30 last night, but kept getting woke up by "someone" talking to me, then the phone ringing at 9 pm.  After that got all out of the way I was "done like dinner", as in totally "zonked".  God knows I need to sleep, and actually feel the same way today, so hopefully I can do the same again tonight.  

I had quite the surprising call from a Yellow Pages Manager today.  He was appalled when I had explained to him how I had been treated by not one, but two, Yellow Page's Customer Service Reps.  Then to find out even our contact person had been telling me the "wrong" thing the past two years as well.  It even went back to the very beginning when they had first contacted Rob to sign on with Yellow Pages, who in turn told them he had to talk it over with his wife first.  Months later we had gotten a bill from them finding out they had signed us up .... contacting them, and finally being put through to a "higher" up to be told it was too bad I was upset since my husband hadn't included me in the "loop", had really sent me into a tail spin, but apparently we could not get out of the so called "agreed contract" at that point.  Pretty *sad* when my husband had not agreed to one in the first place, wasn't it?

After I had explained everything, all rather quite commonly and nicely, he called me back to tell me what I had been sold that I never agreed to in the first place was going to be cancelled, also he has guaranteed me that our monthly advertising "bundle" would not be subject to an increase come our July 2015 renewal.  I have had this all sent to me confirmed by email.  

I am very happy to have found out Yellow Pages has put a new "Client Experience Dept." into place, as well as to have learned there is a new Company "CEO" who is placing much on the Customer, not on just getting the sale through the monopoly of a product being sold.  I am confident that the Manager who contacted me today was genuinely sincere to how I have been treated by Customer Service Reps, and management employed by the Yellow Pages, and we both agreed we would be moving forward together.

I  must also note that Yellow Pages began a pilot within the GTA last November 2013, called "Shop Your Neighbourhood", which supports shopping Small Businesses in YOUR Neighbourhood.  A very exciting program for the Small Business Owners.  They have extended this program to other Communities in Ontario this Year, which I am proud to say fellow Chamber Director, Koreen Ryan, who is also Small Business Owner of RAM Trophies & Sportswear, initiated the involvement of Wiarton taking part this Year.  Very exciting indeed, with it all taking place on the 29th of November, 2014.  

Check out the YP's "Shop The Neighbourhood", whether you are a Small Business Owner, or Shopper, by *clicking* HERE.

The weather in Bruce County today has been absolutely dreadful, with white out conditions on and off all day, and still now, that you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face barely at times.  Highway 21 has been closed from Southampton to Kincardine due to weather conditions.  Not at all pleasant, especially when one considers it is only the 18th of November, 2014.

Some of us enjoy this kind of Weather while ....

... others not so much at all.   Rob actually tried to take a run on getting out of the lane way mid-afternoon ending up "stuck", then having to get the tractor out.  Thank Goodness we had the tire fixed a week ago today !!!  Poor Rob had to go get his straps to secure the Gazebo better, then go out on a call just to get stuck in the lane way.  I helped him get out as much as I could, but really I am not much help when it comes to steering and getting pulled out at the same time.

I had one of my Blog readers contact me about a very big need today (thank you Marie).

This need involves a seven year old Beagle Cross who has been seeking a new FOREVER HOME for over 500 days now.  I would ask that anyone and everyone who reads my blog if they could HELP ME HELP LUCY get a NEW FOREVER HOME by Christmas !!!

Should you be a Blogger, please share on your Blog, should you have a Facebook Account, please share on your Timeline, or any group you might be part of.  Lots of information provided on Lucy thanks to Jean of My Life With the Critters, and to Lucy's Facebook Page.

Please access these sources to help you share Lucy's cause, as follows:

For Jean's Blog, please *click* HERE.

And for ....

Lucy's Facebook Page, please *click* HERE.

I was to go to Port Elgin this evening for Dinner and hear a Speaker this evening.  That, as well as many other events in Bruce County, were cancelled.  I am sure it will be put back, and I will still be attending at some point.

Despite the sleep I did manage to catch last night my whole body has been aching from head to toe today, like the flu, but more like internal bruising.  I am hoping I am afforded another good night's sleep this evening, and really hoping I can stay awake to watch The "Voice at 8 pm, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. That contact at least helps you. I hope all works out for Lucy.

    You'll be getting quite a bit of the lake effect snow.


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