Tuesday 25 March 2014

Jekyll & Hyde ????

 Old Man Winter & Mother Nature or?  Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde.
This morning at around 11 am, and afternoon by 2 pm  

This past Winter will not be one that will be forgotten anytime soon.  What is going to be even worse is the East Coast of Canada is suppose to get really hard tonight and tomorrow with Blizzard conditions.  Hopefully my oldest Sister Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, will be hunkered in safe and sound in their little place up on the cliff.  I will have to phone her later to check in on her.

Of course when Rob was driving home in all that nasty weather this morning one of the windshield wipers decided not to cooperate as well as it was suppose to, not that it was bad enough he had to drive 40 km it was that bad.

What a trooper my Rob is out there fixing his wiper in cold windy snowy weather.  That is my Crabby Cabbie dependable no matter the weather.

Today we had the Purolator drop off a package to us.  Rob's Q2 Blueant Head set gave up the ghost.  Thank goodness there was still 5 months left on the warranty wherein the Company replaced it with a newer Q3.  I also got a phone call today from The Source Express in Wiarton to tell me the Jabra Bluetooth head set I had ordered in had arrived.  

I was not comfortable using my speaker phone when driving so ordered the headset so I can be "hands free" in a better sense of the word.  This way I do not have to pull over to dial a number before putting it on speaker to talk.  The fines for using cell phones are going upwards anywhere to $1,000 fines, so the investment of $74.00 incl. taxes makes a lot more sense does it not?

What was this day good for ?

Cleaning and seasoning my Cast Iron Skillet then setting it on top the Wood Stove to let it dry, then admiring the "Handkerchief" colour of paint Rob picked out for our bedroom (whenever that day might ever arrive, but a baby step in the right direction had been made).  Need some know how on cleaning/seasoning your Cast Iron Skillet? just go HERE.  Tips & help on painting? please send my way ... *smile*.

Oh yes I almost forgot about all the scammer emails I have been getting sent to my various email accounts from "Canada Revenue".  Is this not just totally ridiculous ????

This scam I am thinking is to procure your personal information from you on their form so they have access to it.  This is a guess as I never did the *click here* part knowing it would not be a good thing regardless to do so.

It is scary to think that some innocent people might actually buy into some of these scammers.  We watched a portion of the news tonight wherein a disabled man had a two year online relationship with a lady spending $850,000.00 of his parent's inheritance on her.  I shook my head in disbelief in sadness that someone could be taken in so badly, never mind the vultures who prey on such persons.  

I have a busy morning lined up tomorrow as first thing I am meeting up with the Economic Development Officer with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula so we can go over a few things together with the developer of the visitwiarton.ca website.  I am pretty pumped about this, as I am usually with anything that has to do with promoting the Community we live in.  Have you thought about coming up to our wonderful little community?  check out our website by dropping in HERE.

Today the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce Business, who has a Facebook Page, that was featured on the Wiarton Facebook page was The Cluttered Cupboard.  This is certainly one of my favourite Wiarton Stores, and I think many others think the same as I do.  Should you have a Facebook Acct, please check out their page by going HERE, and giving it a big LIKE, or not then you may read a bit about it by going HERE.  For anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows who I speak of as I have featured them many times here in past posts.

Busy, busy and busier most day I am afraid, but much better then being a bored bump on a log doing nothing but sitting in a corner whiling Life away ....

I am dreading my Thursday afternoon appointment with the said Dr. John Caulfield, as it is the follow-up for the gallstone I found out I had in December??  I am also thinking my Family Doctor also slipped in a request for a colonoscopy (very very sneaky of him in my opinion).  I will not worry about this but await to see what happens on Thursday.

Look at the time already ? 8:22 pm.  Time for me to sign off, cozy up in my bed and watch a bit of TV to relax before I call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That is definitely a scam. And people will fall for it.

    I went home for a little bit to drop things off this afternoon, got in, was in about ten minutes, and coming out, snow started. Five minutes later the visibility was getting bad coming back to campus. I'll wonder when I go home next, if we're getting the same conditions or not.

  2. Not to mention safety when you talk "hands-free"...

    And these scammers don't have any morals or values...It's a really sad story that you shared.

  3. ...and more snow tomorrow *sigh*. Scammers make me sick..not an honest bone in their bodies.
    Jane x

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