Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What An Overwhelming Wonderful Birthday !

This happened Yesterday over on HAVE1.COM's Facebook Page where I had entered my Crabby Cabbie in a Give Away  .....

and the two winning companies for our embroidered baseball cap contest are: The "Crabby Cabbie" and Melior Carpet Cleaning - Congratulations and thank you to all that entered. Stay tuned for more contests and special promotions.

And what did my Crabby Cabbie win as the results of HAVE1.COM having this Give Away & me entering him into it ???  Well ..... this was what I had entered him into:

We are holding a contest for two individual chances to win a dozen ball caps embroidered with your company's logo, name or local sports team logo on them with a value of up to $100 (includes artwork digitizing & choice of different styles / colours of hats). To enter this contest please share this status on your wall, and post a photo of your company's logo/team logo or comment on this status with your company's name/team name, weblink or Facebook page link. We will then choose two individual winners from all that have entered on March 14th.

Thanks HAVE1.COM your Give Aways are always appreciated !  we are looking forward to having some of your professionalism being sported by our Crabby Cabbie Drivers soon.  You also may go to LIKE the HAVE1.COM Facebook to have a chance to enter in to win one of their Give Aways they have from time to time by *clicking* HERE, or checking out what they might have to offer you on a Business or Personal level with all their creative talents.

Last evening ended with Rob bringing me home a Spring Bouquet of flowers for my Birthday today, as he wanted me to have them to wake up to this morning.  I also got a lovely Birthday Card from my oldest Sister in the mail today.  Thanks Jeanne ... xoxoxo

My brother, Alan, called me later today to wish me Happy Birthday, as well over 150 Facebook Friends !  and our Elizabeth send me a very "special" Card from all of them via email this morning that I hope shares okay on here.  You will probably have to copy & paste the following link into your browser, or highlight, right click and "go to",  but it is so worth seeing our Paul in piglets and the boys having had built their Volcanoes !


Rob had left this morning shortly after 6:00 am, and we never got to see each other again until after 4:00 pm.  Mind you we did lots of talking on the phone in-between the times of not seeing each other.  That is what best friends do, do they not?

Rob suggested we go out for my Birthday for Dinner.  Mind you I am pretty certain by now that the 4 lbs I lost in February I have gained back plus some (I promise I will get back on the Band Wagon tomorrow girls).  There is not too much open on a Tuesday evening in the way of Dining out, however we thought we would try the Blue Fish Red Fish downtown Wiarton, as we had only been there a long long time ago once.  It was open until 7 pm, so we headed down around 6 pm.

We ordered some heavy Birthday cocktails which we enjoyed while we took in the Menu up on the Chalkboard.  We both decided on the "special" which was 1 pc of Basa Fish with Chips for $8.45 per person.

Rob never fails to amuse me, and did not disappoint me for my Birthday.

The Basa was a very good choice, enjoyed by both Rob and I.

I hate to admit after having a full plate of food that I did to coming home to still eat a very large piece of Snickers Cake that Rob had also brought home to me last night ... shame for shame on me ! but it was only for today !!!

Before we went out for dinner I got to drool over the virtual dessert my Blogger friend, Lynn had made me over at her blog that you can also drool over too by going "HERE".  OMG, I am stuffed full and still drooling looking at that Lemon Tart ! thanks Lynn xxx

For those who were curious on what was in this package from my friend, Pari?  it was a foot spa, as she thinks I go way too much and deserve to relax and soak my feet doing it every evening.  I also got an M&M GC too !  I am blessed with such great family & good friends, I truly am.

I am tired to the bone, must be the extra year I am  (never mind the extra pounds I put on the past couple of days ...boohooo poor me)

.... to each and everyone who was kind enough to make my Birthday so special with all your kindness & Birthday Wishes. xxx

On that note, this double nickel gal is heading towards her bed for some R & R, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Happy Birthday Cindy! Feel young!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone special who is sugar and spice and everything nice! Happy, happy Birthday..................Bess

  3. A very happy birthday to you! Looks like you had a great day!


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