Friday 21 March 2014

Really Are They Serious ?????

After I had finished up my blog post last night I headed off to bed and was gone, gone, gone ... which was not a bad thing for me considering I was still "pooped" today.

Last night was truly lots of fun and worth the late night for me.  Not getting home until 9 pm is late for me these days.  It was so cool to have a projector screen and a monitor hooked into the laptop to access Facebook, which I was sharing the "basics" on.  Hopefully everyone went home a little bit more knowledgeable then when they arrived.

This morning I had someone call me who wanted to come meet our Aussies, Bandit, Lexus, Mercedes and Buddy, as they are interested in one of Bandit and Lexus' pups which are due mid-April.  When the couple showed they were introduced to each and every one of our Checkerboard Aussies, who they were very impressed with.  I was very proud each one of our four were at their very best behaviour, with barely a one jumping up on our visitors.  It was decided before the couple left that they "signed on" for one of the new pups when the litter arrives.  It is nice when your dogs speak for themselves I find.

Yesterday we had another nasty day with wind and snow.

Our lane way exposed to the west was plugged in pretty dang good with barely a cow path.  Rob spent some time getting it cleared out today, as it was not only plugged it had been very heavy.  Our Tractor has been put through its paces this past Winter ... and really considering today is the first full day of Spring, what's up with that???

Tomorrow Environment Canada has a Snowfall Warning in effect !!!  Really, are they serious ????  Check it out for yourself by *clicking* HERE.  *shaking head*

I so enjoyed the warmth and the full day of Sunshine this day.  It was 5 degrees above freezing, and it actually felt balmy in comparison to what we have been having in prior days.

I had Bandit & Mercedes out for a big romp.  They are so amusing.  Bandit had the stick, finally tuckered out, Mercedes had him where she wanted and off she went, stick in mouth.

One of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles had the battery go in it today.  Rob and I had to go meet our driver to do a vehicle exchange with him.  I enjoyed spending a bit of time together.  When we returned home to retrieve our mail there had been a very pleasant surprise in the mailbox for me.

There I had found a Media "pass" to the Kemble Maple Syrup & Arts Show on the 5th of April.  What a most pleasant surprise.  Rob and I had attended 2 years ago, having an amazing time together that day ... please enjoy it too, by *clicking* HERE.  That post had been a very laborious and extensive post but such an enjoyable memory for both Rob & I.

Should you have a Facebook Account, please check out the Kemble Maple Syrup Event by going HERE, or if you do not you may learn more details by going HERE.  A fun day for anyone to get out and enjoy !!!

I am planning on going, however not too happy as I do not think my Rob will be able to go along with me.  This makes me *sad*.  What does make me happy is I will get to see my friends Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farm, and Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products, whose farms are both included in the Tour.

I had nicely sat down to think about having a nice hot cuppa tea when I glanced up at the clock to realize I had a 3:30 appt with the Chiropractor !!!  YIKES the clock was almost at 3 pm.  I quick gave my neighbour friend, Pari a call to see if she wanted to go along for the ride, picked her up and was off like a shot down the highway towards Sauble Beach.  I was only minutes late.  I really needed the adjustment as I my neck, shoulder and back had been pretty tight from bending this way and that last night.

Returning back home it was time to make our Dinner of broiled T-bone steaks, baked potatoes and Caesar Salad..  I am still "pooped", Rob is "pooped" and we still have to take out our gang out for their last romp of the evening.

I am pretty certain it is going to be an early night here for the two of us here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Old Man Winter has seemingly decided to stick around for a few more weeks...

  2. MORE SNOW! We had it this morning actually but by 11.00am, two inches of it that had settles had completely gone. Spring sunshine at work. Wrap up Cindy! xx

  3. We are snowed in too. Chris will tackle the snow blowing as I'm not heavy enough to give some 'push' to the tractor...apparently.
    Jane x

  4. I feel for you guys in Ontario. You've had the worst winter!!!


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