Monday, 24 March 2014

The Story Behind The ...

I had thought today was going to be a crazy busy day, but what I found it out to be a day spent crazily anticipating it to be, in turn not getting too much accomplished whatsoever.  Do you not just hate those crazy like days ????

This morning I had an appointment to meet up with a lady who I admire and met 2 years ago at Canada Day in the Park, in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  I would like to re-introduce Cathy of Cathy's Confections, who did a Guest Post that you can read all about her, by going HERE.

I had an idea that Cathy Confections could possibly pair up with a local merchant, so I had met with Cathy, and her husband, Clare, this morning for a pre-arranged introduction.  After my job there was done I took my leave, but before doing so Cathy gifted me with a couple of her sweets ... she knows I love Dogs, and Roosters I am sure, as that is exactly what I got in the form of chocolate.  I had to admit, but the Rooster is no longer.  Thanks Cathy, and truly I hope your newest business adventure with Cathy's Confections is a wonderful success for you.  

Should you like to follow Cathy's Confections on Facebook, you may do so by *clicking* HERE.

A couple of times today I found myself outside in the brilliant Sunshine having some fun with our Aussies.

Bandit's favourite pastime in the snow is to make Snow Angels (obviously with his tongue sticking out).

A Buddy Birthday update:  Buddy was very happy with his Birthday Gift of a new bone which he thoroughly enjoyed this morning.  

Now for the story behind the .....

.... empty cellophane wrapper.  A week or so ago I had bought some "healthy" cookies for Rob & I when in need for a light snack. Mine were Cranberry Orange, and his Oatmeal Raisin (as I do not really care too much for raisins). I had my last pkg on the kitchen counter waiting for me to have my afternoon cuppa tea. When I went to have my tea the cookies were nowhere to be found. I thought I had set them somewhere else, which would not surprise me. Later on when moving a small box that hubby's new Bluetooth headset arrived in today, not knowing what possessed me to look inside, I discovered this empty cellophane packaging... can you imagine the nerve of someone I love and trust doing this to ME ????

And that folks is the story behind the ....

I am always very grateful for leftovers.  I can even remember times when I would be disappointed if company dropped in unexpected and stayed for Dinner, as that meant my plans for leftovers were no more.  The Turkey we had for yesterday's dinner turned into a great meal for this evening's dinner.

One of the girls on Cindy's Recipe Exchange had just purchased a new iron skillet.  We all had a fabulous time sharing all our experiences with cast iron skillet cooking, and keeping the skillet "seasoned", as you can all well imagine.  This inspired me this evening to pull out one of my skillets to fry up the leftover mashed potatoes in.

I remember so well my own Mother frying up leftover potatoes, and thinking how good the crust from the bottom of the skillet was ... still my favourite part of fried potatoes.

I have had my Dinner, but my dear Rob still has not.  Just as I was starting the fried potatoes he go called out.  He called to say he was going to be later then expected for me to go ahead with my meal.  When he did arrive back home he was heating up the gravey when the phone rang again .. he was called out again.  My poor dear I hope when he gets back home (again) he will get his Dinner.  Thank goodness he had a nice hot bath this afternoon, or he would really be running into problems later I am thinking.  Hahahaha ... poor guy, guess that is the way the cookie crumbles, does it not Rob????

And those were the "highlights" of my day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I do follow Cathy at Facebook.

    I can't blame you for making short work of that chocolate rooster. Chocolate must be savoured!

    1. *Click* the link above where I have mentioned LIKE Cathy's Confections HERE & it will take you right to her FB page :)

  2. Chocolate anything is good and a cup of tea always improves it. x


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