Saturday 29 March 2014

Come & Go Celebration

Today was a busy morning, as I had to take my friend into work, then pickup another friend and take her downtown for shopping.  Time flies when you are having "fun", and the morning was almost gone before I had realized.

The Handicraft House is only minutes up the Highway from where we live.

When I returned back home there was time to take out all the Aussies, have a quick lunch, get showered and ready to head on South to my Hometown Southampton for a Come & Go 90th Birthday Celebration.

My friend's Mom turned 90 years old, and her family were having a Celebration for her at the Anglican Church this afternoon from 2 until 4:30 pm.  I meet up with my Auntie Gladys at 2:30, along with her best friend, Marnie.

Happy 90th Birthday Margaret ! 

Margaret was a Scottish War Bride, brought to Canada by her Husband, Basil Shular (now deceased), Mother of six children, Doug (now deceased), Stuart, Ross, Heather, Bonnie and Gord.  Heather and I had been best friends many years ago now, so I had spent many days and evenings at the Shular's home.

I also seen a few other ladies that I had known in years gone by, which is always nice.  Funny my Auntie and I both noticed all the elderly Church ladies serving, and wondered who will do this when they are gone ???   It will then be a lost generation? will we have to rally up people to bring back the Churches?  I wonder .... and yes if I had to I would be one of those people as the Church does bring members of the Communities together I believe.

That was the whole afternoon spent away, as by the time I had stopped for fuel, and again in town to take a couple of photos, it was 5 pm before I managed to arrive back home.

Photos?  of course photos, as Cathy of Cathy's Confections now has her handmade chocolates ready available downtown Wiarton at Rankin River Trading Co.

I LOVE Cathy & her homemade chocolates, and really I can't think of who would not.  If you are passing through Wiarton drop on in to get yourself some, or better yet yourself and more to make a great gift giving idea.  Not in Wiarton? well drop on into Harrington's in Southampton, as you will also find Cathy's Chocolate Creations there too.

Dinner?  that was easy peasy as one, two, three.

French Toast with local home grown Syrup from Dejong Acres Farm.  Oh yum, yum, yum.

I am all in but for my shirttail I am so tired.  My dear Rob worked all day yesterday, all night last night, and is still out working.  He is really tired.  At least I had his Dinner made before he had to go back out again, my poor dear.  No rest for the wicked, or really is it suppose to be "no rest for the weary"?

That all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I like the look of that trading post, and French Toast is more than welcome!

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss Margaret! Ninety years, now THAT is an accomplishment!

    Does your friend with the chocolate have an online store?

  3. I notice that at church suppers, too. These poor old dears working their butts off - it's really too much work for them, and yeah, when they go, I fear these events will also disappear. Happy 90th, Margaret!

  4. A full and fun day! I love easy meals like that - delicious :)


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