Wednesday 19 March 2014

What A Beautiful Surprise !

I was having not the greatest day today, feeling a little down and blue.  These days happen, but regardless of knowing they happen does not mean I have to like them any better ..... 

When I am feeling like this I do not seem to care about doing anything, and the less I do the worse I feel about it.  Blah, blah, blah ... as the day went on, not stopping to wait for me to feel better about it. 

I received a call about 1 pm asking me if I would be home as I had a delivery coming.  Yes I was home until I had to leave at 3 pm for my 3:30 Chiropractor appt..  Around 2 pm a van pulled in, a lady got out carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.

My BFF Colleen had sent me a beautiful bouquet of Spring Flowers for my Birthday.

Did this lift my spirits today? it sure did girlfriend and I love you for loving me as you do.  Thank you Colleen.  xxooxx

I do not think in the 8 years we have known each other we have missed out on one Birthday for the other until this Year.

This year Colleen tripped over her "big toe", fell and banged up her ribs and a few other body parts pretty good.  Needless to say it was the first year she was not at my door for my Birthday bearing Cake and a little "something" for my Birthday in person.  Geez Girlfriend don't be tripping over that big toe anymore !!!!!  remove it should it get in your way again, will ya??? 

After my Chiropractor appt. I came back home to do finish up a bit of Crabby Cabbie paperwork I had on the go, and make a few phone calls as well before I headed out to the 2nd Annual Wiarton Job Fair that the WDCC was hosting.

There were 25 Businesses represented this Year with a great turn-out of people.  Another successful Community Event the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce has hosted.  The Wiarton Tim Hortons was kind enough to supply coffee and Timbits for people coming and going.  Chamber Administrator, Lindsay Kramer,  and Chamber Board Director, Koreen Ryan, had put many hours into spearheading this 2nd Annual successful event.  Much work goes on behind the scenes leading up to events such as these.  Also Chamber President, Paul Deacon, had been in attendance greeting people & mingling ... nice touch on the behalf our all our Chamber Members.

I stayed to take some photos of all the Businesses in attendance, before heading home to get some Dinner put together for Rob and I around 7 pm.  Grilled Cheese and Salad made for an easy and good meal.

I had a beautiful surprise today, which was all it took to turn the whole day around for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Aaah,that's so lovely that your friend sent flowers.
    Jane x

  2. Very good of Colleen!

    I broke ribs once. It hurt to do just about everything.

  3. Flowers are beautiful, I am partial to purple. I bet they smell great looks like they have some freesia in there.

  4. Happy birthday my friend, I send you some mental flowers.....if you see what I mean! xxx

  5. I don't think I've wished you a happy birthday yet. Here's to new friends and old ones and may you continue to enjoy good cheer :)


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