Sunday 9 March 2014

A Simple Sunday

Considering the time Sprung ahead this morning at 2 am, I am thinking I slept considerable well for me.  I was only up twice through the night, and went right back to bed until after 6 am.

Rob was up early and actually gave me a break by taking the Aussies all out and about this morning for me.

Truly it was a very simple Sunday for all of us.  After I made Rob and I a bowl of Oatmeal, he headed on outside again.

Rob installed his portable DVD in his Van so he could watch Movies (his favourite pastime) inbetween calls on the "down times".  After that he was out in the wood shed bring some wood into the basement to last us for a couple days time.

Bandit was a very busy boy each time he had been out today "sniffing" every little spot on our property.  That is what you call putting your nose to the grindstone??? 

Me?  I sat down to organize the Crabby Cabbie paperwork from January & February so I can get it entered on the books tomorrow ... little steps.  I also got out this afternoon for a walk downtown Wiarton.   The Sun had been deceiving as the wind had been bitter cold.  There were some buildings you made sure you would not want to walk too close to should a quick thaw occur.  Dinner was very good ... Schnitzel, Brussel Sprouts & Russet Potatoes.  I must not forget I did manage a load of laundry, it being cheap hydro day and all.

This morning, first thing, I had had not received very good news.  The message I had gotten from my BFF, Vicki, was that she had fallen on her arm yesterday and broke it in 2 different spots and that the ball of it was turned around.  She was to be having surgery today at the Guelph Hospital at 2 or 3 pm.  I have yet to hear back on how she made out, so I have been sending little prayers up for her all day long.

Last night I had received a message from my BFF, Bob, that he had to call 9-1-1 as his Mother, who is 98 years old, was having some issues.  Good thing he got her to the Stratford Hospital as not only does she have pneumonia, she also has a couple of other types of infection.  Poor soul.  I love Bob's Mom, Dot.  I am still also waiting news on how she is doing.

PS.  To all my wonderful friends who also blog, I do apologize for not being around as frequent as I normally have to all your posts in the past, however life seems to be piling up a wee bit more on my plate then it had been in the past.  Please forgive me, and I will be in and out on each of your blogs as time permits, as I do truly miss my usual morning routine of cup in hand and your blog posts to read.

It really has been a Simple Sunday here today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Tiz the season for broken bones.
    Jane x

  2. I hope life gets back to normal very soon!

  3. Hopefully things get sorted out for the best.

    Bandit's busy making his official inspections!

  4. Healing thoughts go out to Dot. Take care hug B


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