Friday, 5 July 2013

Humidity & Sinuses

What woke me out of an already troubled sleep first thing this morning?  a bottom jaw that pain was searing through.  This heavy humid weather we have had the past week is playing havoc on many people.  The sinus headaches and other symptoms can be unbearable at times .....

I have been trying everything possible that I know of including Tylenol 2, Antihistamine, cold wash clothes, Nasal spray, and saline rinses to no avail.  My whole left side of my head right down to my glans in my throat feel like they are going to explode.  Something I will have to ride out with hopes it does not turn into infection.

It has been a miserable past two days on top of my usual every day challenges.

Before I forget I would like to post an upcoming Event that is taking place in the Niagara Region for my friends, the Craftmates.

Attention ALL FOODIES !  This might be an event you will not want to miss out on.

Food Fight for Foodies...Who will be the Aroma Genius

When: 17 August 2013, Saturday
Where: 758 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Calling for food enthusiasts to submit recipes using essential oils and key ingredients: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, orange. Cash prizes and opportunity to be published in TM magazine awaits the winners. 

Event host is Bruce Worden, Head Chef at Niagara College Benchmark Restaurant and judges include Lynn Ogryzlo, Journalist & Cookbook author and Melissa Achal of NEOB.

Festival will also have a market area for food truck, food vendors and arts & crafts.  Spots still open for food vendors.

For more details, email:

It is too bad I am so far away, as I am certain this event would be something I might enjoy attending myself.

On with my day .....

After I had let the gang out this morning I went back to bed until 9 am.  Once up I was not moving too fast again this morning.  I did a couple Crabby Cabbie items that needed going to the bank today, and that was pretty much it.  By that time the Forever Home family of Bindi were dropping back in on their way back to Windsor from their week of Holidays up on the Bruce Peninsula.

Bandit got to see his daughter, Bindi, again, and Maddie got to see the puppies.

Bandit and Bindi had themselves a bit of play time, before Bandit thought he might like to go along with her in her Family vehicle.  Finally with him out, Bindi said her good-byes to us ... we hope we get to see you next year Bindi, but in the meantime I am sure we will get lots of photos from her Forever Family.

Around lunchtime I headed downtown Wiarton to the bank.  The air was heavy and uncomfortable.  I could stand still and sweat.  I did my business then headed across the road to the Berford Street Parkette to say hello to a couple of the Vendors at the Farmer's Market.

The newest vendors, Rayleen & Nicole Dejong, were offering Smoothies.  These young girls are obviously going to be taking after their business minded Mother, Anita, who is pictured dishing up some customers a Lamb Burger.  Below Natasha of Colpoy's Creek Farm & Bakery actually had some fresh lettuce this week.  There is Rob who was checking out the Explore the Bruce table.  I do not know how he finds me, but I am certain he must have some kind of micro radar hidden in my purse or somewhere ... geesh !  

Rob actually was headed home himself, as he too was suffering sinus headaches.  He had his driver cover for him for the afternoon.  We both did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.

That was all of my day pretty much in a nutshell.  My sinus headache? it is still with me enjoying itself at my expense.  Hopefully the humidity will break tomorrow taking it with it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. we are heading to Niagara on the Lake next Friday and on Saturday we are going to the Lavender festival there.

    Hope your headaches go soon,


    1. Hi Gill,

      The Craftmates will be participating in the Lavender Festival at Niagara on the Lake. Hope to see you there!

  2. Lovely photos ! The humidity has lifted here for now and there is a cool breeze ! Hope you two feel better fast ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. The humidity sure is deathly this way too. We have the AC running and the house is still hot. I'm really having a hard a hard time sleeping.
    We were planning to go canoe camping into the interior at Algonquin for a few days. That plan got tossed when we heard they are experiencing a lot of bear marauders in the immediate area. M. is absolutely terrified of bears so our holidays have a big question mark behind.

  4. Thanks for posting this Cindy! Much appreciated.

  5. I've had the occasional problem with sinus headaches... usually the tylenol sinus will do the trick. A couple of times it ended up as a full sinus infection, in which case I was spending my nights sitting up in a chair while the meds went to work on it.

    Have you tried steaming your head? Towel over the head and breathing from a large bowl of hot water.


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