Sunday 28 July 2013

Masterson Family Reunion 2013

Last night the storm carried on all through the night and late into this morning.  Finally it cleared when we were ready to head South on Hwy. 6, then West on Hwy. 21 to attend our Annual Masterson Family Reunion at the Long Dock at the Southampton Beach, situated where so many years ago the Bowling Alley stood leaving memories galore behind at that very same spot from generation to generation ending with mine.

We had first picked up my Mother who was going along with us this Year.

Despite how the sky was when we first started out with the promise of all the homemade foods and the buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (the driving power to get Rob there) we knew would be awaiting us we were not held back from arriving on time.

The Count for this Year's Reunion was 58 Family Members.  Cousins milling around, my Uncle Reg taking a picture of me while I took his picture.  My Aunt Gerry having some fun with me.  We were all putting in time before the feast began.  And a delicious feast it had been.

All the nieces had stopped over to where Mother was sitting to say "hello".  Even our son, Paul, had called to say "hello" to Grandma.  Mother is getting pretty high tech talking on a Cell phone, but then again my Auntie Gerry and Uncle Reg just recently purchased themselves an IPad, finally upgrading from Snail Mail.  Not bad for 2 Spring Chickies in their ... years.

Here Rob is, I am thinking, buttering up, with Aunt Pearlina, who is 92 years young.  Aunt Pearlina had no problem having fun with me by sticking out her tongue at my camera.  Love her to pieces !

The Masterson Reunion stems from Wesley and Alma Masterson's nine children, their children, their children, their children and their children (thinking I got that right).  

Hubby being the oldest of the family, who would have been my Grandfather Wes's Nephew, and my father Fritz's 1st Cousin, started running the Reunion this Year then being handed to the next oldest going right down the line to the youngest, being Aunt Gladys.  The only fair way we had decided last year so everyone would have a turn at heading up the Reunion from one year to the next.

This year's motley crew heading up the Reunion would be Hubby's "fun loving" family members, Bill, Jay, Vermayle, Julie and Melissa.  

Cousin Betty Jane, who lives out West, asked if we could take photos of the family members who attended the Reunion this year.  This is what we did to the best of our ability as follows:

Hubby (Lloyd) Masterson's Family above and below.

Ron Masterson's Family, Fritz (Harold) Masterson's Family, Jean Masterson's Family, & Jack Masterson's Family.

Bernice Masterson's Family, Dorothy Masterson's Family, Bill Masterson's Family & Glady's Masterson's Family.

Oooopsie ... and Geraldine Masterson's Family, who should be inbetween Bill and Gladys Masterson.  Sorry Auntie Gerry, I would not EVER forget you and Uncle Reg.

Most importantly hold dear to your heart and never fret ....

It was a wonderful Family Reunion day.  The Family was fun, the food good, the children happy, and I am tired as I now sit here wanting my bed very shortly, but still feeling happy, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I love the "10 steps" poster Cathy! where did you get it? I might find that useful in my work life

  2. Looks like your having a wonderful, fun filled, family summer:) Lynn

  3. That's a big family reunion!

    We've got one each summer too, and it's a big family. I'm getting to a point with certain cousins that I can't name all of their kids.


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