Monday 29 July 2013

A Little Colour In My Day

Most of my day yesterday was spent with a Sinus Headache.  All last night, despite the medication I had taken, I had been robbed of a good night's sleep.  Today they knocked me on my butt again along with dizzy spells I had also yesterday morning.  

Really I hate that I am seemingly ill 50% of my life, however it is not by choice and it is something I always strive to make the best of it most days, however there are days it does get me down and takes it toll.  Today was one of those days.  

I lean towards feeling a bit on the depressed side when I look around after a busy week of not accomplishing anything to realize I am feeling in so much pain I have to yet give up another day to it.  But ... I can still walk, talk, feel and see the beauty surrounding me regardless of how bad I might feel on any given day.

A walk around the house can at times bring somewhat of a Peaceful soothing whisper to my being ....

There are days I could rather do without having to look after four Aussies, but the days they give me joy have been more then the days they have not.

Lexus having some fun amusing herself with the pull rope.  A look of innocence one might think?  Not really as I had just chased  her from the veggie garden after she had been helping herself to the not quite ripe tomatoes.  What can I say? they love their veggies.  Bandit ran upstairs after laying in a puddle of muddy water.  Mercedes jumping up on me with muddy feet.  Buddy almost pulling my arm from its socket.  Do I love my Aussies? I do not hesitate to say, "Yes, I do"..

Dinner was easy this evening with Rob BBQing us each a homemade burger, served alongside salads.

The pain is still coarsing through the left side of my face.  I will try again some more medications and pray tonight I find less pain with it only being my usual along with a smidgen more sleep then last evening. Tomorrow?  I hope I accomplish more then the bit of invoicing I somehow managed to barely focus on getting done today.

Tomorrows always renew ones hope .... for a better day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Really do hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

  2. I do hope you had a better nights sleep and are feeling a bit better this morning Cindy? Love the look on Lexus' face, so cheeky!!


  3. so sorry your illness is getting the upper edge recently Cindy- I really do understand how it can reek havoc on ones emotional well being .Have you ever seen a naturopath? I see a very good one in Owen sound who really helped nail down some of my migraine triggers.That and some feverfew have eased them somewhat

    1. Thanks Mary Lynn I have just began a program last week with Vitamin Supplements. This is Sinus at the moment unfortunately the weather can not be controlled as a trigger.

  4. Hi Cindy! Hope you are feeling better today! :) Just wondered about your dizzyness? Is it caused by sinuses? I have similar bouts but no sinus issues i can tell of, just was curious what causes it for you?
    Take care!

    1. No it is not from the Sinus, Monica, as I have it all the time. Migraines causes it at times, as well as blood pressure or sugar levels, and at times I have had when in a Fibro Fog. Have your sugar levels checked first, after your blood pressure maybe?

    2. hi Cindy, thanks. I know my blood pressure can get crazy at times, so I am thinking that's what it is. Not fun as you know! I am glad you are feeling better! Love those pups playing! so cute!!

  5. Sinus headaches are always a bear to deal with...


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