Monday 8 July 2013

A Bit Of A Twist To A Monday

After the whirlwind weekend of 5 children, and still looking after 4 Aussies & 2 puppies, it was back to reality today.  What is reality on a Monday to me? to start with a very dirty home, which also got put on the back burner today.

Our bed needed stripped and washed, so that was done and hung out with huge hopes it would not rain until it had dried.  It just started raining a bit ago, so I did good on that point.

The remainder of my day was split between having the "gang" out and about throughout the day and ....

.... between organizing the books that I will tackle tomorrow and manoeuvring the Wiarton Crabby Cabbie vehicle out and about town.  

By the time I got home from the last call I had been on today to Owen Sound it was already 6 pm.  Rob was not too long behind me so I had the Bacon frying in the pan.  Tonight's Dinner was Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Toast and a couple of slices of Tomato.  It hit the spot.

What would the Twist to this Monday be?  My Crabby Cabbie Hubby working in Saugeen Shores and his "Not so Crabby" Wife working in Wiarton for him.  Is the man not suppose to be working for the woman, or did I miss that memo????  Ha !

Oh man, I just remembered I still have to make up our bed and I am sitting here sweating bullets already.  A light rain only with the humidity high.  I have nothing to complain about with reports of heavy rains in the GTA with power outages, Subways shut down and streets flooding. and

The weather has been insanely crazy and beyond in this World of us all over.  I have to say how blessed we have been here on the Bruce Peninsula with nothing to much out of the norm then a touch of severe winds last Fall.

I actually took a moment in my day to pull a couple, and I do mean only a couple, of weeds from the front flower bed and admire the basket on our deck.

Puppies are barking for in, adults are needing out, dishes and a bed need done up, and me?  I keep on plodding onward, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. the weather has been nasty tonight. I hope tomorrow is a quieter day for you and those lovely doggies.


  2. Busy day ! We had some nasty looking clouds go over us but nothing came of them for us ! I don't know how you do what you do with the dogs , I let Miggs out in the morning and unless I am going out or it is bad weather she stays out side in the yard all day none of this in and out business lol I guess it is because you breed them and need to make sure no other dog gets to the females ! Hope you get a restful night ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Rain is coming tonight here in Niagara region.
    Love breakfast food all day!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  4. Are those some kind of petunia in the basket? They're very nice looking.

  5. As I write this today, the weather is vastly improved, the humidity gone.

    Feels much, much better.


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