Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I Saved Myself

Did I sleep last night?  yes, I believe I did.  Did my Sinus headache disappear? no, it did not.  Did I accomplish much today? no, not as much as I had wanted to.

What did I accomplish today?  Striped down both 2 beds, washed and hung out the bedding on the clothesline.  Made up our bed fresh.  Vacuumed the Living/dining room areas, tidied up the kitchen & earlier this morning made 3 stops downtown to "save" myself.

How did I save myself?  Remember the first of the Month I had made 2 Pumpkin Cheesecake Pies?  well only one had gotten eaten and I had froze the other one.

I had take the frozen Cheesecake out to thaw on Saturday to take along to my Family Reunion on Sunday.  This morning I had remembered there had still been half a pie left.  This was the problem.

Why was this a problem? because I LOVE pumpkin, and should I have kept that cheesecake in my fridge I could see it disappearing pretty quickly to places where it should not be going (mostly on my butt).

How did I save myself?  I took that half of cheesecake downtown Wiarton and made four stops this morning to share a piece to four needy ladies who I knew would enjoy it more then I would enjoy widening my butt any more then it already is.  Yes I am pretty sure those 4 gals enjoyed it, as much as I did giving it to them.

Later this afternoon after I had made our bed up, I thought I would attempt cutting some of our lawn, as by this time my headache had subsided somewhat.  How did that go for me? not very well.  I took out Dear John Deere only to find out the mower was not working.  Then I took out the push mower and ran that for awhile until it got bunged up with grass and would not start again.

After all of that what did I do?  I gave it up and came back inside after taking all the Aussies out for a run.

Did I have any pleasure in my day? of course I did as I had a surprise visit from Rusty and his Forever Family.

What a sweetie Rusty is.  Him and the One & Only pup had a bit of playtime together.  His Forever Family has taught him to sit, shake a paw, lay down and roll over.  I was very impressed as my Aussies do not do all of that !  The coolest part about the whole visit was that he remembered me and made such a fuss when he heard my voice ... way too cute.

Also Rusty's Forever Mom, Jenn, had been at the Keady Market and could not resist buying me a little something she had came across ....

Ha, ha, ha .... I LOVE it.  My new work shirt when I drive a Crabby Cabbie vehicle !  Thanks Jenn, you are the best !

Did the remainder of my day go okay? yes, pretty good as Rob came home from work and grilled our Dinner.

New potato, coleslaw and Striploin Steak.  See that piece of Pumpkin Cheese Pie? that I had not touched all day long and left it for my Rob.  Better on someone else's butt then mine, right? now that was Will Power ! and I "saved" myself again.

Oops before I go here is a little something I came across today on the Explore the Bruce email I had received today.  Could this be the new Bruce County Theme Song? do we have one now I wonder?

Not sure about anyone else, but I LOVE it !!!

Here I am at 8:11 pm with all the Aussie gang still needing out and about one more time today.  I am off to get that done, and also to see how Rob is making out fixing our lawn mowers, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Again - thank you for my morning "treat" - was so good! I was just telling my Mother how good it was!! LOVE the shirt!! :)

  2. How nice of you!! Too bad I don't live closer :) Love the new shirt :)

  3. I mad a cheesecake at the weekend for a friend's barbecue and left it with them for the same reasons! There are very few things MORE fattening than cheesecake. Love your t-shit too!

  4. I always leave your blog a little tired and guilty after seeing what you get done in one day and you always leave me hungry. Keep up the good work:) Hug B

  5. you could have popped down to our house with the pumpkin pie!!!


  6. I know so many people having sinus problems lately. I know mine isn't caused by a virus or anything like that, but still, what's the problem with everyone else???? Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. I don't think I could resist pumpkin cheesecake!


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