Saturday 27 July 2013

Families Are To Be Cherished

Last night I did not have time to upload the three videos I had taken of Aiden & Connor at the last morning of Vacation Bible School.  I took the time this morning and am definitely thrilled to share with everyone.

They had performed three different songs together ....

I have personally watched each and everyone of these three videos a few times ... *smile*

Today was another overwhelming day for me, as being overwhelmed seems to be part of my nature for some reason.  I suppose others are timid, talk a lot (this is me too), are bold (maybe me a wee bit at times), and all kinds of personalities that make our old World go around.

Why was I overwhelmed again ?  well my house has been turned upside down topsy turvy, however if it wasn't I would not have had much time to enjoy the boys being here this week.  I also had to go on a Crabby Cabbie run first thing this morning after I had finished up my Aussie duties.  Once I had made a trip late this morning to the grocery store I had also had to get going on making a salad for my Family Reunion, and as we all know these things do not do themselves, why not is beyond my understanding ????

I made up one of my favourite salads.  

This Black Bean & Feta Salad is not only good and full of fiber, with its simple dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice it is a very good traveller to take along to any get together.


After the dishes were done up, I had a coffee with Rob and the Aussies were taken care of a couple more times today, it was time to take off down to Port Elgin to my Aunt and Uncles for a pre-family get together before tomorrow's reunion.

Before I went to Port Elgin I had first made a stop in my hometown of Southampton, as my dearest hubby, Rob, had gotten me a vehicle for this upcoming Winter that will hopefully make me feel more safe and secure since my accident 2 years ago.

Here is my "new to me" Winter vehicle, a 2000 Jeep Laredo  4 wheel drive.  Other then the front of the hood, the body is in excellent condition. However the interior leaves much to be desired as it is filthy, and I really mean it needs an extreme cleaning done in there.  I am certain it will take me the most part of a day to get it half descent presentable, but as long as I feel safe and secure this Winter driving I am "on board" for a good cleaning up of it.  There is my happy Crabby Cabbie Rob with his Tow Truck Buddy, Rob, both making faces at me taking their picture.  One nutbar of a Rob to another I suppose ... hehehe.

I arrived at my Aunties and Uncles, where more Aunts and Uncles and cousin were congregated to have a feast of take-out Chinese food from the Lido Restaurant.  I worked as a waitress at that restaurant when I was sixteen years old, which seems like a whole lifetime away now.

My Cousin Troy giving his Mother, my Auntie Gladys, some help unpacking the food for the rest of us milling around waiting to line up for the feast.  Thanks to Uncle Basil and Uncle Reg who footed the bill for this treat we all enjoyed, and to my Crabby Cabbie Rob for picking it up for us.  Really it was an excellent meal enjoyed by each and everyone of us.

After the feast we had a cuppa tea and lots of stories and laughs amongst us.  These are times I cherish as some of my most special memories spent with family.  This is how family times should be spent, or so I have always thought them to be or more so desired them always to be.

I feel more blessed in my life now as I know it in my later years then ever to have and feel the love from my family.  Truly I do appreciate each and everyone of them.  I am happy I moved back home to Bruce County 10 years ago, or I might never have known this family bond I now cherish with some.

Anyhow I made it back home North of Wiarton just before 9 pm to let some pretty happy to see me Aussies out, about and back in before the heavy rains, thunder and lightening began.

I have my fingers, toes and legs crossed that the weather will clear for our reunion tomorrow, especially for the kids to be able to play the games organized for them.

Grammar, spelling errors?  so sad, too bad, I am way too tired to care about it at the moment, never mind even giving it another thought.

On that note I am heading down the hallway and right into my bed for hopefully a great night's sleep, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Much as I need the house to be tidy, enjoying friends and children is far more important and we can always catch up later....much later in my case at the moment. Very full on holiday already!

  2. You keep exceedingly busy!

    A Jeep, whichever model, is a good vehicle.

  3. Hi, Cindy! Feeling a bit overwhelmed myself these days. Back to school time and all.

    I do love a black bean salad. Have never used feta in it--great idea! Thank you for linking this week.


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