Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Puppy Love

This morning was nice as Rob got up with me at 5:30 am and took Portia out the front door to do her business while I was out the side with Buddy.  One extra dog I didn't do this morning got me to my first cup of coffee that much faster.

I actually slept last night better then I have, however it seems after a run of no sleep nights that is what happens ... thank goodness.  Regardless both Rob and I had felt so tired this morning we could have used a pail of coffee each to bring us to our senses.

Once Rob returned from a couple morning runs he came to pick me up.  Each time we have a litter of pups I always take one or two down to the Day Away Program at Gateway Haven Nursing Home.  I started this when my Mom lived with us and attended the program.  The Seniors love to see the puppies.  

First thing this morning I had to get them all clean out ....

What a mess the puppies were this morning, as they do not have Mama Lexus in with them anymore to keep them clean, and it is now up to Mama Cindy.  I gathered them all up and put them into the tall recycling box we have while I attended the undesirable job of cleaning their pen.  But really all those cute faces? how could they make such a mess.  

When Rob came to collect us I bundled up Izzy & Snickers into a huge towel for their first outing into the big World.  

The Wiarton Nursery School has their unit right beside where the Day Away Program's is.  The girls spotted me with the pups inviting us in with the preschoolers to see the puppies.  The kids absolutely loved petting the puppies, and were telling me about their new baby sisters or brothers at home.  It was all too cute.

Once we were done at the Nursery School we headed next door to the Day Away Program where Izzy and Snickers were passed from one Senior to another getting so much attention they never experienced before today.  There was lots of puppy love going on today.

This was Bill holding Snickers.  He pulled photos of his cat out of his pocket to show her, but she really was more interested in getting up around Bill's neck and snuggling there.

Snickers & Izzy had been good as Gold the whole visit.  We could not take photos of all the Seniors but only of staff, and Lois who gave us her permission to do so as she held Izzy.

Rob came to collect me, but had been stopped at the Nursery on his way in as they had made me this poster Thanking me for bringing the puppies in.  My friend, Wanda, who works at the Day Away said her good-byes giving Izzy some soft kisses.

It was a busy day all around.  I just sat down about 7 pm as the doors have been revolving here between Aussie puppy and adult duties for me.

When I was out and about Wiarton today I did take some "me" time to enjoy our lovely surroundings.

Over looking Colpoy's Bay with the wind picking up the snow across the bay.

The Old Train Station at Bluewater Park which serves the town as a Tourist Information Centre in the Summer months.

It is now after 7:30 pm with a great day behind me, however busy it was, with my thoughts being it is time to have some Dinner before the Aussies need out and about for their last time today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. they are such beautiful bundles of fur, how can anyone not resist them!! Glad you got a good nights sleep.

  2. Very dramatic view of the bay!

    The pups are too sweet. I wonder what they thought being out and about like that!

  3. Oh they just make me smile. Hug B

  4. That's a nice thing you do, taking the puppies to the seniors.

  5. Glad you got some sleep ! Oh all the people there must of loved a visit from those cute puppies . I like Snickers she is soo cute . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  6. What a treat for the seniors! I would just love to cuddle one of them myself!


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