Sunday, 8 February 2015

Delicious PHILLY

My bed was so warm this morning I didn't feel like getting out of it this morning.  The wood stove had been out and the winds were blowing ice cold from the East when I did get out of my bed.

Between being in and out most of the day with the Aussies in the Cold it has seemingly sapped any little bit of energy I had today.  The only time Rob and I went out was downtown Wiarton to do a bit of banking, go up to the Wiarton Home Building Centre & stop in at the Green Door Cafe for a Sandwich & Bowl of Soup for a late lunch.

The Green Door Cafe had a Philly Steak Cheese Melt on as their lunch special today with soup, salad or fries.  Rob had his with Homemade Split Pea & Ham Soup, & I had the Garden Salad.  Yes the Melt was as good as it looks in its photo.  Tim (Owner) was telling me it might be on their new Spring/Summer Menu ... time & feedback will determine this.

Only a few more days before all the puppies are gone to their Forever Homes.  After their first appointment with our Vet, Snickers & Raven will be leaving Wednesday, and the other three on Friday.  There will be a huge whole in my daily routine of the past 6 weeks.

Should anyone have a Facebook Account we would love if you gave our Checkerboard Aussie's page a LIKE, wherein you can follow them by *clicking* HERE.

I am one happy Grandma.  Connor & Aiden called me Saturday to tell me they would be coming up to spend their school March Break with Poppa & I.  My heart was singing when I heard that news.  We will be very busy those two boys and I.

Speaking of busy I have a busy week ahead, so I am heading for the shower, last chores and a warm bed sooner then later, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. great news having the boys for the week.....that sandwich looks really good.

  2. You know, I've never had one of those cheese steak sandwiches, though the ingredients all agree with my personal taste.

  3. Brace yourself for a tiring week with those boys Cindy! xx


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