Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Double Brrr Day

I called Rob at 2:30 am to see where he was at, his response was, "you can't sleep again".  At least I was awake to greet him when he did arrive home.

We had decided we would go to Elsie's Diner in Owen Sound for a late breakfast this morning, since we didn't get out to have a Birthday Dinner for him.

Crabby Cabbie John joined as since his wife is out of town, why not.  I suppose maybe these two don't see enough of each other?  Breakfast? Rob had the full breakfast, while I had a Toasted Western which came with a side of Home Fries.  The coffee was very good.

When we got back into Wiarton I had to stop down at the Blue Water Park to take some photos of the Wiarton Willie Festival activities of the day ....

My friend, Abby Miners, who is the Wiarton Farmer's Market Manager, was having some putting fun with Paul Sutter of the Wiarton Home Building Centre.  Today was Kid's Day, so Paul was set up for that, and Abby was representing the Farmer's Market giving Chili samples out.  Yes it was a double brrr day.  A long day out in the elements from 10 am til 4 pm, if they lasted that long, as I know I would not have.

RBC was sponsoring the "Kid's Day" event with the Wiarton District Optimist Club putting on the activities for the kids.  The small igloo was packed with kids hammering nails in, getting their faces painted, and doing a few other "fun" activities.

With the wind coming off Colpoy's Bay it was a day to dress doubly warm or mosey on up to the alternative heating elements.

Bandit and Portia got a couple of stuffed animals from the Sally Ann yesterday that I had brought home for them.

They both really loved the Bunny Rabbit.  I do have to say the poor bunny rabbit did not make it 24 hours, has been unstuffed, and is now headless.  Photos of the now poor bunny might be disturbing to some so I have decided to refrain from posting.

Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day with temperatures to feel like -29*C in the morning.  I do not know if I can hurry through all my Aussie chores early enough to be down at the Park for 7 am, especially with it being that cold.

Just in-case Wiarton Willie does see his shadow & there is 6 more weeks of Winter, these recipes might come in handy:

Hahaha ... Ground Hogs do eat only greens, so I can well imagine their meat must be pretty lean and healthy for us, wouldn't you also think?

Schedule for tomorrow's Wiarton Willie Festival as follows:

MONDAY, February 2 (Groundhog Day)
WAKE UP WIARTON FIREWORKS Sponsored by Caframo and Jardine Lloyd Thompson – 7am - Free - Bluewater Park
ZORB RACING - 7am to 9am - Free - Bluewater Park
SWEET THINGS BY DEJONG ACRES - TASTE OF GREY BRUCE - 7am to 9am - Free - Bluewater PArk Small Igloo
WILLIE``s PREDICTION - 8:07am - Free - Bluewater Park Stage
GIANT SNOWBALL FIGHT (EARLY SPRING vs MORE WINTER) - Post Prediction - Free - Bluewater Park SnowhilléSliding
SNOWSHOE TRIALS - 8am to 11am - Free - Bluewater Park HQ
CLOSING CEREMONY - 2pm to 3pm - Free - Hydro One Tent
LIVE MUSIC -Angus Leahy & Friends (East Cost & Traditional Irish) - 5pm to 7pm & 9pm to 11pm - Irish Cottage Pub
YURT & EVERGREEN TROUGH BED DEMO - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Yurt
SURVIVAL IN THE BUSH - All day - Free - Big Igloo Bluewater Park
OUTDOOR COOKING WORKSHOPS - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Yurt
SNOWHILL/SLIDING - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Snowhill
ICE SKATING - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Ice Rink (Bring your skates)

The cold seems to suck the lives out of us when we are out in the elements too long.  I still would rather take the cold sometimes, if it isn't a double brrr day, then a damp day anytime.

Time to load up the wood stoves and make sure the home fires go all night long so we stay nice and cozy, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. All of southern Ontario is in one of the biggest winter storms yet this year it has been snowing and blowing since last night and darn right cold out there to no going any where till some time tomorrow if we are lucky , weather net work has warnings all over the board . Sounds like a good day up there for Groundhog day hope the sun comes out lol ! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to your Rob !

  2. Busy time for you all up in Wiarton. It will be winter for another six weeks, don't need a groundhog to tell me that...LOL Finally did a blog post today; about time right!!

  3. Wiarton really makes a big weekend of what's to come tomorrow!

  4. Hope the big day goes well! And there are no shadows!


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