Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Too Busy Is Getting To Be Too Busy

I was awake in the wee hours of the morning.  At 5:50 am I woke Rob to ask him what time he had to be up to go, and he replied, "in 10 more minutes if I would have been allowed to sleep that much longer".   Oops ! just thought I was being helpful.

Today I had to be out the door before 9 am as I was attending a bi-weekly Wiarton Chamber meeting.  Once that was successfully over, I headed into the local Foodland for some yummy grapes that are on sale this week for .97 cents a pound.  I LOVE grapes.  Then homeward bound to let our gang all out and about.

Speaking of letting our Gang all out and about, I was questioned why I do not just let out dogs out and let them stay out all day.  We have 2 males and 2 females.  The 2 unaltered males would fight, as do our unaltered females.  Yes I can let them off leash, but we are very close to Hwy 6.  After loosing one dog to this Hwy, I am very cautious as if one of our dogs should see a cat and run after it across the highway there would be nothing to prevent it from happening.  Tunnel vision.  Bandit and Mercedes were both house trained and I have no issues them running around as they do no their boundaries, as does Lexus who has only been crate trained.

Buddy is a completely whole different story.  We never raised Buddy from a puppy, having not gotten him until he was 16 months old.  Buddy is also a sprinter.  When we are outside I always have him on a leash as he might be gone out towards the highway in a blink of an eye, and really do I want to loose another dog on that highway? No.  

Australian Shepherds are very protective of their property, so should someone drive in Bandit, Lexus or Mercedes would be certain to run out towards the vehicle driving in so I always go out with our dogs.  Besides I am sure the exercise in, out and about really does not do me any harm either.

This afternoon I had to head down to Gateway Haven Nursing Home to measure Mother's waist, as I will be going out to get her new Capri this week, as well as a couple new tops.  I picked her up a Tim Horton's coffee and we also had a nice visit together.  Mother informed me that this year she is going to the Family Reunion, as well as spending her Birthday and Christmas with me this Year, as she is taking turns at my Brother's place and mine.  Last year it was my brother's place.  I told her she will have to live a long long time so she will have many many turns.  We had quite the laugh about this.

When I got back home I tackled the dreaded Crabby Cabbie books and completed another month's worth. Rob had been missing some paperwork so I will get at the rest of it hopefully this Friday.  By the time I had done that, and received a few phone calls it was time to get our Dinner on the go.

Schnitzel, potato and brown beans hit the spot.

After Dinner my friend Gayle had came out to weed in the garden.  Hopefully I will be caught up on things to get out there myself this weekend, weather permitting of course.

I would also love a prayer or two sent upward for me that my Grandsons will be coming to spend the week of July 21st to the 28th with us this Year to attend VBS again.  They had so much fun with us last Year as you can see HERE.

This Year's Theme is Rocky Mountain Rescue.  I think it will be another fun week if they are able to come.

Families splitting up is so difficult.  Not only do the children miss out, so do the Grandparents.  Either they miss out by rarely seeing the Grandchildren, or get burned out by having them too much.  Regardless it is *sad* and has been breaking my heart many times over and over the past nine months.

On a more positive note, I enjoyed every minute I spent with them this past weekend.

Tomorrow is Wiarton Wednesday again ... come on out and join the Fun !!!

NEW Additional Businesses who are on board for WIARTON WEDNESDAYS:

The Salvation Army Thrift Shop ~ Offering a different $1.00 special each Wednesday 
Teakstone Bar & Grill 
Frosty Freeze
The Wiarton Marina
Spirit Rock Outpost & Lodge

Check Wiarton out on Facebook & give their page a LIKE !!! by *clicking* HERE.

Here it is 9 pm with my friend Gayle having just left from out in the Veggie Garden weeding.  It is so nice to have someone to "share" the garden with this year and help out.  The garden is looking good !

I do not know what it is but my too busy is getting to be too busy for me lately, or so it seems it is.

All the gang have been out and about for their last romp of the evening.  Rob is watching his favourite show, The Property Brothers, next fav to Love It or List It.  Me?  I am going to sign off and watch the rest of the show with him before calling it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy~ Another busy week for you! I will keep my fingers crossed that your Grandkids can come and spend the week with you:) I spent every summer with my Grandma and the memories of those wonderful summer days are precious~ We have been getting down pours of rain, which makes the humidity unbearable. Take Care~ Lynn~

  2. I feel the same way - my busy lately is just overflowing. I simply can't keep up :( But I'm so glad you will spend a week with your Grandsons. I bet, it will be a blast this year too!

  3. wish I had a friend like Gayle who would weed my garden!

    Praying that your Grandsons are allowed to stay with you.


  4. Hope your grandsons get to stay with you. I know how you feel because I got my niece to stay with for 2 weeks and I am just thrilled!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. Oh Cindy, I sure hope things work out with the boys. I live that pain every day.
    We're hoping this stifling heat and humidity is going to break today so we can get away for a few days. It just saps every bit of energy!
    I got your email, read all the material, will work with it when we come back from camp.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Sorry about the situation in the family... it's never easy.

    It's been too long since I've had schnitzel...


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