Thursday 1 January 2015

The Icing On The Cake

What we lacked in a White Christmas we have been making up for the past couple days in Bruce County.  New Year's Eve was some nasty with snow and blowing.  The OPP closed the Highway right before out house on Highway 6, stopping people just past our house who had driven through the barricade.

This all took place around the hour of midnight into the New Year, as Rob said they had 4 vehicles pulled over when he pulled into our place to let the dogs out, then was unable to go back out other then to risk the chance of being fined.  Not worth it.

Today I was very satisfied in all that was accomplished around here, with still lots more to be done tomorrow, and Saturday morning before the kids arrive for our Christmas Weekend.

This morning I got the appliances in the laundry area all wiped down before Rob painted the floor we had prepared.  We are in pretty good shape for when we are able to go pick up our new Washer & Dryer.  It is so fresh and clean .... oh if it only could stay that way without the elbow grease.

Yes I had mentioned how blustery the weather has been?  Lots of cool drifts across the lawn, and unfortunately filling in our lane way.  No fear of being cold as it is very toasty inside our house with the wood stoves up and downstairs both "fired" up.

In preparation for the weekend I took advantage of the low hydro rate on this New Year's Day holiday and made a Carrot Cake.  Very easy to make, and after 50 minutes in my Oven it was out cooling on top.

This is my Cousin Vi's Carrot Cake recipe, and one of the best I have ever had.  Recipe please?  FOR A PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

I also got down the stairs to the basement all cleaned up along with a few other areas today, so I was very pleased.

Blade Steaks were put in the Crock Pot at 1 pm on top of Carrots, Potatoes, an Onion with a few shakes each of Montreal Spices, Worcestershire & Soya Sauces.  Dinner was served at 5 pm, giving me lots of time after to clean up, and do "the icing on the cake" from scratch.

The method for the Cream Cheese Icing is included above in the Carrot Cake Recipe.

My niece, Joanne, was telling me today that her boyfriend and her were doing a bet on whoever loses the first 10 lbs gets $50.00 from the other person.  Her and I made the same bet between ourselves.

I am all geared up again using the app "My Fitness Pal" on my iphone, and she sends me the August thingy below ... what a brat she is, even though the Holidays has just added to it.

It seems more challenging to do something when one has a bet going with another, does it not?  Interested in counting calories with My Fitness Pal? check it out by going HERE.  I found in order for me to loose weight I have to go 200 or 300 less then the calories they have estimated for me.

Here it is now 7:00 pm with my dishes washing in the dishwasher, a rare luxury I treat myself too, my husband out in the tractor cleaning out the lane way, two of our Aussies laying at my feet ... it has been a very good first day of the New Year, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. We had a few flakes in the air but nothing that stuck so w are having another green and sunny day! Colder though. Your "before" laundry room floor is what mine looks like. Time for me to haul out the cement paint I guess :) I just hate the smell! Good luck on the weight loss! I refuse to get on the scales, I just go by how my clothes fit - I can definitely feel a difference from 2 weeks of constant eating!! Time for me to get back on my bike!

  2. That is a whole lot of snow! We had some in the night, but not too much. Perhaps more to come later in the day.

  3. Hi Cindy and happy new year! Love that curve on the snow drift by your house but I guess you're not too happy about it. Lots of love to all of you over the pond there. No snow here yet....just iciness. xxx

  4. Happy New Year ! You have been busy . Oh a new washer and dryer awesome ! We still have no snow down here and we are to get a rain snow mix tomorrow then rain through Sunday YUK ! cold dampness makes me ache like crazy I hate it lol ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family . Thanks for sharing and we love carrot cake to lol !


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