Monday, 19 January 2015

Always Getting "LIP"

Yes I was up at 4 am, and could have slept otherwise forever, but Lexus needed out.  She always seems to go through these times prior to whelping her pups and afterwards.  Once I get the pups fully weaned hopefully everything goes back to the "normal" 6 am.  It is bad enough not being able to sleep most nights never mind having to actually have to get up and go downstairs in the wee hours of the morn, but this is what one does when they commit to something they love.

The weather changed to cold in the minus temps again.  Both Rob and I woke with vicious headaches, which I chalked up to these weather changes.  As it was when the Sun came out in full force later on the day truly turned out to be a gorgeous day after all with light snow on and off throughout.

Winter as I like it, with light snow and bare roads.

Yes as I had mentioned, with our Festive Five puppies now 4 weeks old and the progress of weaning begun, the work is now cut out for me.

Lots of newspapers are being used up, as well as old towels donated from friends.  I am grateful that they make the "extra" large construction garbage bags, as it sure doesn't take me long to fill one up now.  Summer months are easier as I can make it out to the burn barrel to burn the soiled papers, not so easy now through 3 feet of snow.  Thank goodness newspaper, as well as other substances, compost naturally. 

I kept myself pretty much on the go around here.  With our door seemingly one that revolves with me out and in with our Aussies on quite a frequent basis, the days fly by ... with today a floor also getting swept, a bit of dusting done, and much clutter still needing addressed.  Where did I ever find time to volunteer the months prior to Christmas?  I didn't have puppies in the basement, nor did much else get done I suppose.  That is hopefully going to change back the way it used to be with some order back in my home slow and steady, day by day ... the way is was so long ago.

Then there is the matter of always getting "lip" my way.

The looks I get some times are really something else, don't you think? 

Never mind Bandit's "lip", there is always my husband I have also to contend with day in and day out.  We all have our pet peeves right? well I have really been getting tired, of not only a coat hanging over one of the dining room chairs, but the hat and gloves on the chair as well.  

Yes as soon as Rob comes up the stairs he heads over to dining room area where lands his coat, hat & gloves.  Bringing this to his attention today that it "bothers" me, I got LIP from him too !  Geesh a girl gets to the point where some days she feels a little bit outnumbered by all the LIP she takes from some around here, whether it be from man or beast.

Never mind this girl got her way as I did notice the next time my Rob went out and returned home, his belongings had been hung downstairs where they are suppose to be.  As far as Bandit goes?  I love not only his "lip" but every *smile* he sends my way.  I had to laugh the other day when someone came to see their puppy, not knowing Bandit's smiles they naturally thought he was pulling his lips back in a "growl".  They were happy to know he was smiling and then loved them too.

This afternoon one of our 2013 puppy's Forever Home humans came to visit the puppies.  We had ourselves a mini photo session ....

A whole bunch of cuteness coming right at you.

My niece, Joanne, called me today wondering if she could come up as she had something for me and I for her.  I had made another Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin, along with fried potatoes and mashed Butternut Squash for dinner.  Since there was lots she agreed to stay and have Dinner with us.

It was a nice change up for all of us.  Never fails though as soon as Dinner was coming to the table, Rob's phone rang and he was called out.  This would happen even if we would have our Dinner at 3 pm.  Murphy's Law.

Dishes have been done, Aussies to go out one more time before bedtime, and then I can sit back, put my feet up and relax the rest of the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Bandit in particular is such a character!

  2. Oh so much sweetness early in the morning. Love it. Hug B

  3. Oh, aren't the chairs meant to be coat racks? In my house it is the dining room, ALL THE TIME!
    The pups are so cute!


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