Friday, 2 January 2015

So Excited

I think I need to start walking 1 to 2 hours a day again so I can wear myself out more then I do and hopefully start to sleep at nights.  I was awake the whole night last night.  Rob even got up with all the Aussies this morning to see if I could get some sleep, but that didn't happen so I resorted myself to finally getting out of bed by 8 am.  

There was lots to get done today with the kids coming tomorrow.  I am so excited that I am beyond myself, and truly hope I do sleep tonight.  Ha like a kid before Christmas Day, but then again we are having our Christmas tomorrow so it is legitimate I am feeling like this, is it not?

A walk through most of my day ....

I got the one spare bedroom made up for the girls.  The extra boards in the Dining Room table and that set up.  I also got lots of dusting and vacuuming done too in the upstairs.

It actually feels like I have an unruly two year old with our 6 month old Portia underfoot.  Even Bandit gets fed up with her busy busy business at times.  The toys where I piled them do not stay that way for long.

I thought I would never get done anything today I had so much to "catch up" on doing between me having been otherwise busy, and/or sick,  I have been way behind for some time.  I didn't leave the house all day today, which is exactly what I needed NOT to do.  When Rob was out on a call I asked him to pick up some Scoops for the dip I had made up for tomorrow, which he so kindly did for me as well as ....

... bringing me home this beautiful pot of mixed Tea Roses.  They are lovely.  I asked him why he got me such a lovely gift, and he simply said, "because I love you".  Now let me tell you hearing those words sure made this girl's day !  Much to his animated displeasure, he got a big "smack" promptly on the lips from me.

This afternoon I was so tired, almost feeling I had needed to lay down for a nap, but I pushed myself and got the Christmas Gifts sorted and wrapped.

This took me a bit of time.  I ran out of wrapping paper for the larger items, but when I had called one of the stores downtown they had only Christmas bags left, so I improvised by using what my brother used to wrap his gifts in every Christmas ... "newspapers".  You could read the current, or not so current news, before opening a gift from him.

The other day I had picked up a gift for my Son's Best friend's new baby who was born on Christmas Day.  They have so many cute baby items now a days, more so then 37 and 31 years ago when my boys had been born.  I hope the parents will like what I picked out for their new Son.

Before I got our Dinner of Crock Pot Sausages and Kraut on the table I first took Portia out so it would not be interrupted when we sat down to eat.  What a gorgeous day we had this day.

How blessed we are to live where we do.  I felt like I could have almost reached up into the clouds to touch a bit of Heaven.

Tomorrow with the arrival of the 5 kids, Paul & Liz, I surely will feel like I am in Heaven with them all here.  Did I mention already how excited I am ?

One more bedroom in the morning to get ready, potatoes and turnip peeled to go along with the Ham, then I should almost be then ready for them to arrive, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

PS.  This is week one of the 52 Week Challenge, so $1.00 = Week 1 goes in the pot.  Are you "on board" with me for this 2015 Challenge???   Please let me know if you are.  


  1. Cindy, I would love to give it a try, how does it work, exactly! I see it is a great way to save for something, like maybe a holiday!! Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn: there is a 52 Week Money Challenge sheet to print off if you like on my sidebar to the right. For each week you put that amt away. ie Week 1 = $1.00 Week 2 = $2.00 right up to the 52nd week = $52.00 I will sign you on with me !

  2. I am definitely in the challenge. Thanks for the reminder, had my loonie ready just forgot to add it into the pot lol

  3. Those kids are going to keep you busy!

  4. How's the baby doing, Cindy?

  5. Barry and I are in it again, Cindy. I'm using it to get the excursions for our next cruise. A very, merry Christmas with your family tomorrow. Should be pretty exciting there with, puppies, kids and grand kids. I didn't sleep at all last night either . Was there a full moon? :)

  6. I am going to try it again. I usually give up around September, so this time I am going to do it backwards! I have put my $52 away for this week.

    1. Good idea Christy ! I might try that too this time around.

  7. Have a wonderful time with your family. Hugs and New Year blessings...Mary

  8. Glad to hear your family are staying over, it is getting very nasty on the roads here, a lot of freezing rain. Enjoy your time with the family, you can always put your feet up after they all go home!


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