Friday 30 January 2015

Invasion Of Privacy ?

My poor Rob has gone to bed, thank goodness.  He didn't get home until 3 am this morning, and was back out to work at 7 am..  I know the days I get almost no sleep that I have a difficult time functioning (even at the best of times some days), so I most certainly can imagine what he is feeling.

When I find out and here things that don't seem just right to me I tend to hold on to them for awhile until I have had time to chew on them before I feel I can let go and spit them out.  Sometimes I know I have had things stay with me for Years, but found when I got closer to the age of 50 it was easier to let them go.

The most recent thing I have been chewing on, or one of a few that have taken priority, is finding out that one of our neighbours made a comment that his wife has a set of binoculars which she keeps an eye out on their neighbours.  We are one of those neighbours !!!  He also made the comment about what time my husband leaves every morning ... geesh I think these people are 1) weird; 2) need to get a Life of their own; 3) need to learn to mind their own damn business rather then everyone elses).

This same person took the liberty of helping themselves to a gate and fencing belonging to another of our neighbours, then mentioning after the fact that they had taken it.  OMG ! what is wrong with this picture?  this person?

I now feel every time I am out of our house I am being "watched".  As soon as dusk arrives I pull the blind in our dining room window.  Yes I now feel I am subject to an invasion of  privacy, as in my privacy or anyone who comes to visit us as well.

The next story was brought to my attention today by my niece.  Apparently her boyfriend's ex-father-in-law made a comment to his ex-wife that my niece must have children as he seen one looking out her window.  For crying out loud, my niece lives in Tara, this man resides in Owen Sound.  Is she being stalked by this man?  I sure don't know, but what I do know that she does feel it is an invasion of privacy.

My Lord, my niece works hard and owes nothing to nobody, why would someone want to know what she is doing, just because she is dating this person's ex-son-in-law, that has nothing to do with anything !!!  He was separated before my niece dated him.

Like I said, "what in the heck is wrong with some people? are they all gone crazy?"

The garden centre next to us had taken down their old green houses last Year.  Rob came home and had mentioned it to me, as I never even noticed, as I am too busy LIVING MY OWN LIFE to bother with what my neighbours, or anyone else for that matter, is doing !!!  Geesh .... there are some things just beyond my reach of understanding I suppose.

Hopefully some day these people will get a Life and quit bothering us who are trying to live ours.

Today was busy with Aussies, per usual and a few errands downtown.  I did manage to pick up a take out lunch from the Green Door Cafe for myself and a friend.  Not much of a break but still a break.

I had wanted to attend the Crowning of the King & Queen for the Willie Festival at the Gateway Haven Nursing Home, however as soon as I had pulled in I had a call from Rob to run an errand for him.

Speaking of Rob, it is his Birthday tomorrow, and I haven't even gotten him a Birthday Card, never mind making him a cake.  We will have to plan an evening sometime to go out for Chinese Food, as he will be too busy working this weekend.  Besides he is the boss, and they never get their own Birthdays off work.

Oh yes almost forgot about the horrid smell coming from somewhere in the hallway before going thru the door down in our basement.  For the life of me I could not figure out the past few days where it was coming from.  Today I couldn't stand it any longer, taking the time to investigate further, to find it was sweet onions under the staircase closet which were not only growing but had gotten rotten.  My dear husband had forgotten all about them, something I could have easily done myself.  That I would call an invasion of the nose !

This is tired old me, and some of the reasons at the side why I am and why our door has seemed like it has been revolving this past few weeks.  Festive Five puppies & Mama, our Buddy Boy as it is too cold to be in the outside run so I am walking him every two hours, and our Portia who is out every hour on the hour or more.  Yes I LOVE my Aussies ....

... and my husband very much.

Spelling errors or grammar ? sorry to dang, dang, triple dang tired to care.  On that note I think I will call it a wrap until tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.



  1. Please send Rob Happy Birthday wishes from me and Brad! So strange indeed to hear about your neighbour...

  2. Happy Birthday to Rob!

    Put a sign out on your front lawn for a week or two with something like a middle finger or a phrase like mind your own business with the guy's first name, directed towards their house.

    1. Would I ever love to & also a notation of "stick your binoculars" too.

  3. Happy birthday Rob! Yes - what the heck IS wrong with some people? xx

  4. I say give them something to watch then! Have Rob walk out in his underwear! Make out outside! Have an outdoor fashion show with the Aussies.

  5. I would wave their direction every time I went out there or when standing in the window lol they will soon get bored of watching once ya know they are watching lol ! Hope your nosey neighbors get a life soon though . Thanks for sharing Have a good weekend !

  6. Anna Iwankiewicz31 January 2015 at 10:45

    This is my suggestion Cindy, wave and throw kisses with both arms. I'm laughing as I'm writing this because this is what I would do, hahahahaha!!! I know where you are coming from Cindy. Some folks just don't have a life.


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