Monday 3 September 2012

A Very Constructive Day It Was

"First thing this morning zooming in towards our bush line to see the Fall colours beginning to show off their beauty.  A sure sign Summer is soon going to be behind us."

Rob and I had a very busy "constructive" day today.  We have been in need of one of those for quite some time, however find it difficult to get ourselves on the same "page".  Today we managed to be in "sync" with each other on the productive end of things.

"Looking up from where I was sitting the other day, I noticed a few dark cobwebs atop our living room draperies.  Time to get them in the wash, along with the removal of those nasty cobwebs."

"Rob helped me first thing to get them disassembled."

It was a gorgeous day today.  While I was busy getting the drapes washed and hung on the line, along with some other indoor stuff needing done, Rob was out getting our forever growing lawn cut again.  At least it isn't burned brown like it had been a  few weeks this Summer.  I much prefer the fresh green look.

I also managed to get a couple of things done that have been "bugging" me, such as ....

"Getting a couple wicker storage pieces vacuumed and washed.  Perfect day for drying off outside."

"The inside of the screen side door washed from all the muck and doggie dirt.  Looking 100% better, with me feeling a lot better it is done."

Mind you there are many more things needing done that "bug my craw", but they will get done when they get done .... you know that old old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day"? well neither are all those "craw bugging things" getting done in a day either.

"I then got a Black Bean & Feta Salad made up for Company coming."

Today my Niece, Joanne and her friend, Russ, were coming over.  Russ was up visiting from the City and had promised Rob he would give him a hand with our "rotting & unsafe" deck.

"Yes I am pretty certain this deck must be as old as the house, which would be around 23 or 24 years now.  Rob replaced a few pieces last year, however it just wasn't "safe" enough anymore to be trustworthy."

"Here is Russ getting a handle on things before it all got started."

"Barbecue removed, side rails removed, next goes the decking."

"Yep Russ I think it is looking pretty rotten from this end of things."

"I got going on getting the ham and scalloped potatoes ready for the barbecue."

"With the Black Bean & Feta Salad done and in the fridge, I then carried on with making a cucumber salad next."

"I had a mess made of some yarn sitting around for quite some time.  While I was getting dinner preparations done, Joanne was untangling the mess for me.  It took her a bit a time, and boy was I grateful for her doing it for me."

"Another thing "bugging" me accomplished.  Thanks Jo !"

"Here is Russ putting on his "shy" act.  Too big of a guy I am thinking  to be "bashful"....hahaha."

Dinner was served ....

"The Ham was literally falling off the bone."

"My favourite way to do Scalloped Potato, recipe from my friend, Tim."

"My favourite Black Bean & Feta Salad recipe from What's Cooking America."

"A new Cucumber Salad recipe/method from my friend, Bob."

Recipes please?  Sorry I am to dang, dang and triple dang tired tonight, so I will be sharing them on tomorrow's post.

Needless to say, dinner went off without a a "hitch" and was pretty darn "yummy" to.  No dessert this day, I had been too busy otherwise to make any.  Once we all had a hot beverage afterwards, Joanne and Russ headed on out, with Rob heading out to do a "Crabby Cabbie" call, and I left to look after all our "pack" for the last time this day.

"Hey Buddy, Mama can see you now."

I was pretty happy at all we accomplished today.  It was a good day.

It was pretty nice sitting down to begin my blog this evening, knowing I live in the beauty of the Bruce Peninsula, as I listened to the traffic outside our windows heading South from cottages and camping grounds back towards their own homes.  

A little on the weary side I am thinking it is time to call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Nice work, regards

  2. every one of your photos are frames and thought about... I love that

  3. Somebody had a true Labor Day :) Can't wait for the recipes.


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