Thursday 20 September 2012

Life Change Planning

It was nice to awaken to come out into the kitchen this morning to see another Dehydrator full of dry leeks were ready to fill yet another Quart jar.  I think I have it figured out.  Turn it on at 7:00, lowest rate of hydro time, and 12 hours later "presto" all done without a hitch.

I have had all our Checkerboard Aussies in, out and about already this evening, as it was thundering, lightening and raining around 7:00 pm, with it seemingly almost dark right now at 7:30.  I dread the change of Daylight savings time with the Clocks falling back an hour...*sigh*.

What are my plans this evening since it appears I am on top of things an hour earlier then my usual routine?  Ha !  the dehydrator has already been filled, running now as I type, and what could possibly be cooking down on my stove top?

"None other then MORE Tomato Sauce !"

I had posted to Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook about how much work went into seeding all the tomatoes the other day when I made the 4 Quarts of Tomato Sauce for my very first time.  Well, another member made the point to me, "why seed them" as we don't when we make a sandwich or stewed tomatoes, etc.."  She was right !  Thanks so much Jeanna for pointing this out, along with the fact the blender would be much easier to break the tomatoes down prior to cooking them down.  Another point well taken.

Needless to say, I took all Jeanna's wonderful advice and put it into action.  Since the tomatoes had all been washed and peeled Tuesday, I really wanted to get them done down today, so as soon as I am done with this post I am off to all the Wonderments of Canning Tomato Sauce !

My brother, Al, and I had plans to meet again today, as our Mother is coming up on the list for a placement at Wiarton's Gateway Haven.  Neither of us had been any further then the main floor.  I had set up an appointment this morning for us to go view the rooms available to their residents.

We were both overly and beyond impressed.  The Gateway Haven's rooms for residents were not only spacious the whole building is very bright and cheerful.  I can remember when my Mother's father, had resided at the older Gateway Haven, long before this new one had been built, and it was far from being as nice as this one.

Have a little look see at what we had a look at today, HERE.  Lovely and bright is it not?

We had to make haste to have this tour, as once we here from the authorites there is a room available, we have only 24 hours to respond, so we wanted to have this put in place before getting a call.

This decision has been put forth in the best interest of our Mother, this I ensured, as I do not want a move to set her back and be confusing for her.  How awful would that be?  This past Spring I took it upon myself to do a little homework by contacting the Alzheimer's Society, speaking to our Doctor, and also to a Reg'd Nurse on what their opinion would be on moving Mother.  There was a bit of concern on the behalf of the Alzheimer's Society, but more based on the severity of Dementia..  Our Doctor and the Reg'd Nurse gave me full assurance my Mother would be able to with stand the move without any severe concerns or set backs.  This is what inspired me and my siblings to make our decision, not the fact the facilities are State of the Art, nor the fact she would be closer to us here in Wiarton.

The bottom line in my opinion of being my Mother's Caregiver is that her best interests in any plans for a life change come first, not the interest of others.

My brother and I, after speaking with our Mother and having this tour today, are both confident this will be a most positive change in her best interests when the time comes for the change to be made.

Once I was returned back home, it was lunch time.

"With the day being drab and on the cool side what better meal to serve up to myself and my hubby then a bowl of wholesome homemade Chili?"

"There was no problem to this Dinner as it just so happens I have Chili made up in the freezer, with two containers slipped into a pot to be heated up."

"Almost in no time at all we were both enjoying a hot bowl of really really good Chili, if I say so myself."


Once lunch was over with I had to run downtown Wiarton to send off a Post Card to another member of Post Crossing, as well as pickup a 10lb bag of Carrots and Onions from Foodland, as it was the last day they were on sale for $2.97.

I had just received my second card from a Post Crossing

"This card had arrived 6,451 km all the way from Switzerland, taking 7 days to get to me.  What a lovely unique card of a watch.  I enjoyed viewing the different stamps on the card as well.  I am already anticipating receiving my next Post Card."

My afternoon of course was me interacting with the tomatoes.   Easy Peasy as ....

" One - "

" Two - "

" Three !!! "

I also took a bit of time this afternoon to take in ....

"Some signs of Fall .... "

"I was also admiring the window we had bought used for the cost of $25.00, saving us at least the cost of putting out over $200.00 right now.  This window is in "Mint" condition being the perfect measurement for our existing bathroom window.  Doesn't get much better then that, especially when it works to the benefits of my budget.  My hubby calls me "Cheaper then Cheap", when really I am only being Frugal, you know?"

"Even though the Sun did make an appearance this afternoon, the skies remained unsettled."

Speaking of unsettled, I am so glad I did our out and about rounds a bit earlier this evening, as the rain is coming down in torrents out there at this very moment.

"Life is to be Lived and Celebrated ~ Let Us Take Care of Each Other"

Wish me luck dear family and friends, as I am off into the World of Tomatoes !

My dearest Rob, I do apologize for the mixed smells of tomato and leeks, however you will reap the rewards of it all this Winter, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. good that you are getting all your pre-planning re: you mother done, a very wise move.

    I would be well and truly sick of seeing tomatoes if I were you!!


  2. Wow, great deal in the window! It looks awesome! Mmm...chilli! I think it's time I made some for myself soon...tis the season! ;)


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