Friday 14 September 2012

Phew I Am Tired

My dear Rob expressed his disappointment to me this morning on how short my blog post had been yesterday .... well dear, I am still really tired as it has been another long day, so don't be expecting me to go on, and on, and on, as you are so used to me doing.  Okay maybe just a little bit longer then yesterday.

Here I go beginning with a bit still from Yesterday, as I was too dang tired to be blogging much more then I had at 11 pm last night ....

"It didn't take Carol long after she got here for her to get backed up and plugged in."

"Carol seemed to be thrilled with the little basket I had made up for her, as well as the collection of six of my most favourite recipes I had put together."

"You should have seen my surprise when Carol gifted me a bottle of her Rhubarb Chutney and Gooseberry Jam.  Do you know how much work goes into picking Gooseberries???  never mind preparing them !"

Carol and I got ourselves chatting so much I had to remind us the Green Door Restaurant didn't take dinner orders after 7:00 pm or so ... Ha ! we had to dangle and get a move on.

"The Green Door Cafe had done renovations since I had last been in ... nice."

"We had both chosen the Whitefish Dinner ... excellent.  I especially loved the Vegetable Medley that had been done up in a Garlic butter."

Once we had enjoyed our Dinners, between lots of talking of course, dusk had begun to set in pretty good by then.  We had to make a mad dash down to the Bluewater Park as I wanted to show Carol Wiarton's biggest February draw ....

"None other then the Wiarton Willie monument.  You can tell Carol "loved" it !"

"The Wiarton Marina was still lite up just across Colpoy's Bay close to us."

We made our way back home.  Once I had looked after the "Checkerboard Aussies", Carol and I visited until at least 11:00 pm..  Phew I was tired !

Into today I go ....

"It was raining when I had gotten up and had everyone in, out and about by 6:30 am.  It finally began getting a little bit lighter just before Carol was ready to hit the road this morning.  Sweet of Rob, he had brought us both a Tim Horton's Coffee for us when he had came home last night.  Thank goodness for microwaves !"

"We were not too sure why we hadn't gotten the girl at the restaurant to take a "shot" of us, but that is okay Rob had gotten up early and did so for us.  But dang I had been dressed up somewhat last night !"

"Rob helped Carol get the plug unhooked and put away before she hit the road."

"One last check in the mirror and she is off !  Bye Carol, I look forward to hopefully seeing you again."

"The skies were not looking too promising for the day ahead, but we just have to make the best of these days too."

"While Carol headed South continuing her trek across Canada to end up in Nova Scotia, I headed myself "North of the Checkerboard", as it is Friday you know."

This Friday I was not only heading over to the Good Doctors for a shot in the arm, I was also picking up my Mother from the Golden Dawn home, as she was coming back to Wiarton with me.  She was getting her hair "coloured" today at our hairdressers, Hair Solutions with Pam (519-534-1314), as Pam does the best colour around.

I had asked Dr. Loney how long I should ask this Planter Faciitis on my left foot would take to heal .. he suggested not only to continue with the pain cream and anti-inflammatory, but to also try getting myself a foot massager .... there goes my budget for the month of September if I have to get one of those.  Maybe I will hold off a bit on that, but really it does hurt and do I really need one more hurt to carry on in my life?  NOT.

Our hair appointments was not until 3:30 pm, as I was getting mine cut as well, so I made Mom what she had requested for lunch ....

"A Toasted Bacon & Tomato sandwich, with extra tomato on the side (really there is bacon underneath all that garden fresh tomato).  Mom could eat a whole basket of tomatoes herself in one week, believe it or not.  She is a "tomato monster", she is."

"I really love taking advantage of all this fresh garden goodness when we can get it, as the Season seems so short and the flavors are so good."

Mom and I even had ourselves a little relaxation this afternoon before we headed out to get our hair done all nicely.  We both had a nice visit with Pam while she did our hair.  Just before 5:00 pm I headed once again North of the Checkerboard to return Mom.

"I couldn't let her go back in without first taking a photo of how lovely her hair looked."

"After getting Mom settled back in, I couldn't help but notice how nice the gardens outside Golden Dawn were when heading back out towards my vehicle."

I did make it back home finally around 6:00 pm, after picking up myself a salad downtown at the local Foodland store, where I ran into and chatted with at least 3 people I knew.  The new meeting place it seems to be, but then again we all need to eat don't we?

"I am trying to show off my hair cut with looking "hip" at the same time !"

"Oh well here is the plain old "mug" shot ... I do like that she thinned out my hair a bit and cleaned up all the ends.  It always give you a little needed "lift" when you get your hair done, doesn't it?"

Phew I am tired !  Is it any wonder? how does one slow down and still continue to live?  I really hope I don't have to slow down much more then I have in the past 4 years, as there is way too much living I still want to get in each and every day I am able to.  I am going to call it an early night tonight, as I have a whole counter of tomatoes calling out my name for tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Another busy day! I had no idea that there was such a huge monument to Wiarton Willie! lol! Your hair looks awesome Cindy!! :)

  2. My Dr recomends ice 3 times a day. He also like me to use a bottle of frozen water to roll my feet on. I put a towel down on the floor and keep my socks on then roll my feet back and forth. Drives our beagel crazy, she loves to play with water bottles. Also doing deep lunges 5 times a day really helps

  3. Physio for your foot

  4. The food seems yummy and I like it and what a fun day you have been through.


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