Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Reach Out To Touch A Child's Life

 I had to get up and dangle this morning, as I had been invited by Tess Ayles Hutt (R.E.C.E.), Youth Coordinater for the Wiarton Salvation Army, to join her at the Salvation Army at 576 Edward Street in Wiarton.  I was going see what had gone on with their Pioneer Club Program in their first Year.

I was right on schedule with meeting Tess at exactly 8:49 am.  If you should ever have the opportunity to meet Tess, as I have myself on a number of previous occasions now, you will find her to be a very outgoing and energetic individual.  You will not walk away from Tess without ever hearing, "Blessings" from her, this I am certain.

"Let me introduce you to Tess.  She had been all prepared for my arrival with all things pertaining to the Pioneer Club set out for us to touch base on." 

Let me first explain a little bit about what the Pioneer Club is before I go on any further with more photos and captions.  Pioneer Club is for Children ages five to fourteen years, "set in a safe environment for kids to have fun while studying the Bible, memorizing Scripture, learning new skills, playing games, building everlasting relationships, and ultimately learning to live for Christ" (excerpt in "quotes" taken from Pioneer Club brochure).

"This is some of the Club material set out across the table.  The Pioneer Club, not unlike Scouts or Girl Guides, also have badges they work towards.  What child would not want to work towards receiving a "badge"?  I know when I was in Brownies I had strived to do so."

"Each child attending receives their own personal Handbook.  They even have a book which holds within its pages, "Games Galore" ! can you imagine?  See that badge there? I told you there were badges to be earned !"

"Activities are also a huge part of the Pioneer Club program.  Here is s couple examples of what the children in attendance the past year had been crafting."

"I especially loved this table they had made, leaving all their signatures behind."

"Look at all the children in this colleage who participated in the Wiarton Salvation Army's Pioneer Club Program last Year.  Amazing ..... "

I wonder if the question has yet crossed anybodys mind why I am doing a post on the Salvation Army's "Pioneer Club's Program"?

Let me go there .... you have seen all the children in the above photo who attended last Year, with I am sure this amount going to be the same or more this upcoming Year, beginning every Tuesday from September 18th until December 2012, and then again from January until June 2013.  There is a huge need for people to Volunteer as Pioneer Club leaders for this upcoming Year.  It is a commitment of only 1 evening per week, this already mentioned as being every Tuesday evening, time from 6:30 until 8:00 pm..  Our community needs people to come out to help with these Children's clubs, as they give the children self-esteem, encouragement and tools for learning to work as a "team" together in order to prepare them for their futures,  also giving them a solid beginning in teaching them about God and Jesus Christ.

When I was growing up, being the same way I started out my two sons, I attended Sunday School.  It was part of my life.  It gave me the foundation for what my beliefs are today.  I believe every child should have this same opportunity, if not at a Sunday School every Sunday, then what other better place then at a Pioneer Club every Tuesday?

Anyone who has a LOVE for children, who can commit their Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, who resides in Wiarton or close by, I ask that they be so kind to lend themselves as a Pioneer Club Leader this Year by contacting Tess as follows:

Tess Ayles Hutt (R.E.C.E.) Youth Coordinator 

Telephone:  519-534-0353

Reach out and touch a child's life ......

I first met Tess when our Grandson, Aiden, and I had attended a Spaghetti Dinner put on by the Salvation Army this past Spring, and when Aiden had attended the Baptist Church Vacation Bible School program, and then the one also being offered by the Salvation Army Church this past Summer.   I really so much enjoyed the visit and time I was able to personally spend one on one with Tess this morning.  Thanks for reaching out and being there for so many Tess, I am certain you are rewarded in many ways by doing so.

Whatever did I do with the rest of my day?  Pfft, when is there NEVER anything to do around here?

I did have a surprise when I had came home to find my dear husband had been so kind to have had hung the washed curtains back up on our sparkly clean front window.

"A fine job that man did, I must admit.  Much better I am sure then I could have done myself.  Thanks Honey !  I have everything pulled out from the wall still, with hopes it is not as humid tomorrow as it has been today, and I find the time to wash down all the baseboards and flooring in this area."

He not only did this for me, he got himself put under our little Ford Ranger Truck and put a new starter in it as well this morning.  I know that most certainly is no easy task to do when you don't have a hoist and you have to work off the ground.  He does amaze me some most days.  It wasn't long after he had the starter in, he figured out the fuel pump wasn't sucking up any gas.  Oh man, how frustrating some days can be !  He could do no more this day on it.

By this time it was time for our Dinner.

"Thank goodness for Farm Fresh Eggs I buy from Dejong Acres Farm, as not only do they come in handy for my baking needs, they come through in a "pinch" when I need something quick, filling and nourishing for a Dinner.  Ham and Cheese Omelette with a side of Rye toast anybody?"

What else did I do today?  Let's see ... on my way home from Downtown I had stopped at Ram Trophies & Sportswear to pickup my Rob a little "Crabby Cabbie" something he had ordered from Koreen a week ago...

"As you will be able to tell in the following Photo Shoot, he is not the bashful shy type."

"After this photo was taken, it was "are we done yet, as this thing is HOT".  Ha !  that will teach him for having so much fun."

After lunch was over with and dishes done up, I tackled the "catch all" telephone desk.

"Another "oh that is really bugging me" area cleaned up and under my belt until the next declutter of it time."

"Little Missy Mercedes had a turn helping me out in the gardens this afternoon."

"We had ourselves some good pickings today."

"We even stopped to enjoy the beauty which surrounds us and to smell the roses."

"Really now, Mercedes, rolling on a dead worm, is that very lady like?  oh no, you are only a year old, still an unruly child at times I suppose, and enjoying every minute of it."

I would have liked to have had accomplished more then I did today, as there is a whole other Bandit in dog hair floating around here, but it was just so dang, dang, triple dang humid to be running vacuum and mop around today.

"I put up the "caution" tape.  I still am not used to looking out the patio to seeing no deck there.  However I do have more opportunity to admire our Buddy boy looking up at me."

I am rather anxious to get myself to the Good Doctor this Friday to find out exactly what is going on with my feet, as the added pain from them has just been adding up to one more ... and the burning going along with it.   Weird.  I am hoping it is something not too serious that might hold me up more, as I really don't have time in my life for anything more to do that to me ....

Oops almost forgot, I had promised I would post the recipe yesterday for Tim's Scalloped Potatoes and I had forgot then.  

"Here you go Tim's Scalloped Potato PRINTABLE RECIPE. (just right *click* on the recipe & select "print" is all there is to it)."

I feel so smart that I learned how to Create "printable recipes".  I have my fingers crossed that it works. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.  Thanks to all in advance !

I was also feeling pretty dang, dang, triple dang smart when I learned how to add "The People I Enjoy Everyday" blog links on my sidebar a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone is so busy with their own lives, a girl just has to do what a girl has to do .... all by herself at times.  Speaking of which ....

Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is having a Giveaway for a  Lilla Rose $25.00 GC.  Really, really, really ... go over there yourself and check it out by *clicking* HERE .  Lots of luck to everyone, but I am certain I have it all wrapped up, but go ahead and give it your best try anyhow.

On that note I think I will find something around here, other then sitting in front of my laptop, to do before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy, I was able to print the scallop potato receipe,thanks for sharing

  2. You are so right about working with children, nothing can be as important and fun to boot!! Good luck with your feet, I so hope you don't end up with a nasty of boot, it making getting around a real pain.

  3. if I lived closer I would help out.

    Love the flower photos. Stinking hot again today, not loving it!!!


  4. I love it when blogs feature volunteer organizations/worthy causes. Kudos to you!
    Aimee from Craftmates


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