Monday, 31 March 2014

The First Sighting Of 2014 !

I had another crazy busy day today, but what made me happy was I experienced my first sighting of 2014.  There is something about seeing a Robin for the first time of the new Year that warms your whole being, and also validating Spring indeed is here to stay.

Making ready to begin a new nest.

How proud is he standing looking over his domain.

Yes I am now convinced Spring is here to stay.  Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Robin.

This morning I had a trip into Owen Sound.  I no sooner returned back home, with only time for a quick bowl of cereal and a banana, before I realized it was time to get ready to head out again.

Rob helped me get Bandit settled in to the back seat of the Van before we stopped to pick up the neighbour, and head South down the road to our Vet's in Mildmay.  Bandit was going to have his ear checked out that I thought maybe had quite a very large cyst on it.  Bandit was a very very good boy at the vets, standing ever so nicely while he had his ear punctured while the vet drew out the liquid within it.  The liquid was "clear" indicating no infection.  It was only a hematoma, pocketing up in his ear tip, a result of a tussle he had with Lexus last week over a stick (usually one gives in before this has ever happened). 

Bandit must have been taking after us human parents, as he managed to put on 5 lbs this Winter.  Time to get a wee bit more exercise me thinks like the rest of us.  

From Mildmay we headed on over to Southampton where I stopped in to have a quick meeting and interview with a person, then over to the Saugeen Gas Bar to get filled up before heading home.  I could not believe that it was 5 pm before I arrived back home !!!  Thank goodness for leftovers to make Dinner for Rob and I simple.

Needless to say, Bandit was very happy to be back home with Rob having lots of stories to tell him about his trip to the Vet with Mom.  

Here it is 7:47 already.  I still have dishes that need washed up before I get settled in for the evening to watch Masterchef Canada, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Ah, good boy, Bandit..the V.E.T. is never a fun place to be.
    I saw two robins and some Canada geese flying overhead...could this really be spring?!
    Jane x

  2. Glad all was ok with Bandit's ear ! Oh you finally have robins up there that's awesome , Yup robins are my spring sign to ! We have had them for over a month here I think they got confused there for a bit lol and now they are nesting and able to pull worms from the ground here . Spring flowers are starting to show above ground now in my gardens and all the trees and bushes are budding . The temps today hit 10*C and that was in the shade it was sunny and blue sky's I was out all day cleaning the yard and taking photos with no coat and even got a tan on my face , more of the same weather for tomorrow to . I think Spring has sprung here for sure , it was touch and go on that for a bit last week but spring has finally pushed old man winter out ! Thanks for sharing .Have a good day !

  3. I have yet to see a robin, but I suspect they've been around.

  4. Hey, I saw my first robin yesterday too!

  5. I haven't been out to see a robin. Glad your pup is doing well!

  6. A robin, a robin!!!! YAY! Haven't seen one here yet, but it's snowing today. Glad Bandit is gonna be OK. That's scary.

  7. Saw my first robin on Sunday sitting in the tree in my front yard. That was a happy sight.


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