Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wiarton Wednesdays ~ Week 3

Up at it and out the door as today was Wiarton Wednesday, and Wiarton Wednesdays is a day The "Crabby Cabbie" participates downtown Wiarton in representing himself with a Weekly Giveaway Draw.

It was another scorcher, so anytime I walked into somewhere with Air Conditioning it was a bit like "heaven".

Last night it had cooled off a wee wee little bit, but really not too much, anyhow we still managed to take the Aussies out for some Hay Fun.

Bandit & Lexus LOVE playing up and down the Hay Bales, "who is the King, or Queen, of the Castle & who is the Dirty Rascal".  Bandit usually wins at this game as he gets up there and just gives Lexus a "look".

When I am downtown at Wiarton Wednesdays I still come home a couple times to take the "gang" out and about.  Today I took a time out for myself to appreciate some more Nature growing in my flower beds.  Something I try to do at least once a day.

The Day Lilies are in full bloom along with the purple, yellow and white Cone Flowers.  

I think the heat was keeping everyone in today, as downtown did not seem as busy as last Wednesday.  However there had been something out that caught my eye in one of  Koreen's outside planters.

It had blended itself so well I almost missed it.  I was happy to get this close for photos before it flew off.  Amazing how structured Dragonflies are with what appears to be decals on them.

RAM Trophies & Sportswear had some children have fun in colouring their own Wiarton Willie T-Shirts today.  What a great job these two girls did on colouring their shirts.

Last Week's Crabby Cabbie's Draw Winner was Susan Hoffman of Wiarton.  Congratulations again, Sue !  Sue won the weekly draw prize of a collapsible Cooler.  We have yet to draw for today's winner, but will get to that soon.

Before 8 pm, I wandered uptown to see what was going on at the Berford Street Parkette.

I never fail to get a beautiful smile from Anita of Dejong Acres Farm.  The tunes were great that the duo of Our ShotGun Wedding were putting out for everyone.

OUR SHOTGUN WEDDING is the pop-folk duo of Lauren Jewell and Dylan McMullin. The spark was ignited from the first campfire jam back in 2010, and the duo’s up-beat guitar riffs and sincere harmonies have been unstoppable ever since.

The couple’s stripped down, yet high-energy style captivates audiences of all ages, exposing their influences like Bob Dylan, The Avett Brothers, Joel Plasket and Ian & Sylvia. Their on-stage chemistry is infectious, just like the catchy hooks that fill their debut EP: “Ghosts of the Bury Road”. Their songs about life, love, loss, and discovery are inspired by the beautiful Bruce Peninsula and like the landscape, have a rugged, yet touching texture.

Wednesdays are a long day for me, but I am off the opinion if The "Crabby Cabbie" wants to be a Team Player as a Member of the Wiarton & District Chamber of Commerce, then we need to play ball.  Besides it really is nice to get out and do a bit of Customer Relations, help my friend, Koreen, in her store and enjoy the day.

What I was disappointed in was the lack of Team Players in Wiarton Wednesdays.  Anything "new" in a Community can get off to a slow start, however if everyone does not participate it will never "take off".  This is my opinion only, as we all have our own opinions on how events might effect each of us, but we still need to give some things a chance from start to finish.  Some people do not even give it a chance to begin with. Uniting together as one to make a Community Strong, or so I like to think, again only my opinion.

Okay back off my soap box I think I best be calling it a night here very shortly, as I am really really tired.  Hopefully I will soon be snug as a bug in my bed having sweet dreams, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Great reporting... I bought all sorts of maple syrup tonight form Abby Miners!!! LG

  2. Those Day Lilies and Cone Flowers are lovely and Bandit and Lexus are photogenic. What a fun post.

  3. King of the Castle is always fun for doggies!


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