Thursday, 4 July 2013

Over Done !

I do not think I have ever cooked a Turkey "over done" the way I felt when I got up this morning.  First of all it was a long day yesterday, next thing I did not sleep with a darn last night, and lastly my neck/shoulders and the rest of my body had felt like a Mac Truck had rolled on over it.

Every dang time I put in a long day without resting in-between I pay the price.  However I am starting to think I would rather pay the price of living my life to the fullest I possibly can rather then have my pain live my life for me.  So take that pain .... stuff it in your pipe and smoke it.

I took the Gang all out then headed back to bed.  I finally got motivated to get myself moving around 11 am. Downtown I had to head to the bank, a couple of more errands, then back home.  Nothing, other then my bed was made here today (it is a "must" my bed is made if nothing else).

The Crabby Cabbie Draw we had for Wiarton Wednesdays yesterday went over pretty good.  Rob drew a winner last night, who contacted us today to claim her prize.

Marg is from Kincardine, who also has a cottage in Pike Bay, was our first Give Away Winner.  She was very happy with winning the cooler bag, as she had told me she seldom has ever won anything.  They are planning to use it tomorrow when they take their granddaughter out on a day trip to Old Woman River tomorrow.  

We had another Crabby Cabbie vehicle break-down this afternoon.  It was fortunate we had bought another vehicle a week ago this past Monday.  Rob had to change everything up from the other van to to this one today.

Rob had purchased some new Crabby Cabbie signage he put on this new  vehicle.  I like it.

Bandit had been out helping Rob with the van.

I went out to check on them and got the nicest look from our boy ....

Before I forget, when downtown I ran into a gal I know.    Kris, who is an Epicure Representative, along with her own two young daughters were going around from Wiarton Business to Business handing out flyers to raise money for a young local girl in Hepworth who requires Cancer Treatments.   This is her story.

I am organizing a fundraiser for Emma West from Hepworth. She is 7 years old and was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I am sending this out to businesses in Wiarton, Hepworth, Sauble and Shallow Lake, but if any of you wonderful people are interested in participating I would be over the moon! You don't have to be a business, just get together a dozen friends to purchase a case. However, I do need to know asap as the order is going in the end of next week at the latest. I know I can always count on my amazing customers!

Dear Business Owner, 

I am contacting you as a Business Owner in hopes of raising funds to help this local family. As you may know, Emma West is a local girl that has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Along with just getting through day to day activities, there is a huge financial burden to the family as well. This is a unique ask. Epicure Selections has a package of three of Epicure’s top selling spices: 3 onion, lemon dilly and cheese, chives and bacon which together make an incredible hot dip or can be used as individual dips or in cooking. I am asking each business to purchase at least ONE BOX EACH to sell in your business. This would be an upfront cost for your Business of $240, however the plus side of this fundraiser is that you then sell your bags of fundraisers to your customers which will ensure you get your money back! You sell the packages for $20 per bag and $5 from each bag will go directly to Emma West to cover the many costs, OR if you have 12 or more people in your Company please ask each of them to buy a bag for $20 and see how many boxes of 12 you can sell within your Company! 

Money is due up front for the box of fundraisers: $240, cheques made payable to Kris Dawson or credit card or cash please. The order for the packages will then be placed. They should arrive within a week of the order being placed on the deadline date given (no later that Friday June 12, 2013). I will deliver them to you all set and ready to sell.

Of the $240 that you give to Kris Dawson, $60 will go direct to the family from each business! At the time of purchase your donation has technically already been given to the family, therefore when you sell each bag for $20 you recoup the initial cost of $240. You will be provided with a poster to display which acknowledges your participation in this initiative and helps solicit support.

My hope is that at least 75 cases are purchased which would give the family $4500. 

There are so many businesses in The Town of South Bruce Peninsula that we should easily be able to raise these funds for this local family. I am reaching out to all local businesses to support us if you can. If you don’t want to sell your bags then you have the perfect client gifts to give for Christmas!

Please contact me asap to let me know of your participation or decline of this fundraiser. Money must be collected by Friday July 12, 2013

Thank you for your support

It is difficult to imagine going through this with anyone, never mind a child.  Prayers going out to Emma and her family.  Should anyone like to contribute to Emma's Fund, or require Kris's contact info, please email me at or Contact Kris directly at 519-935-2320

I am waiting another 40 minutes until 8 pm to take the gang all out and about for the last time this day, then call it a night myself with hopefully a healing good night's sleep ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you Cindy,


  2. I sure hope you get a good sleep tonight Cindy.

  3. Hope you get rest and a good nights sleep !

  4. Oh Cindy I love your attitude " So take that pain .... stuff it in your pipe and smoke it." I hear that one and that is the way I live too:)
    I do hope Emma's family gets all the help they need. You are a good person Cindy Hugs B

  5. so sorry your feeling ' run over" Cindy- I wonder if it is more weather related? I am down today with terrible joint pain and muscle pain from my Sjogrens syndrome- eyes are sooo very gritty and dry! I am blaming it on the humidity because I ( like you) don't want to lay the blame on just trying to get things done!

  6. I hope, you got some rest last night! I haven't slept much either with all the fireworks going for hours here...I think I'm getting old...

  7. Sleep, sleeeeep, sleeeeeep.

    I love the drawing of the two brains - brilliant!

  8. I hope the cause for Emma worked out.


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