Thursday, 18 July 2013

Down The Road It Goes

I was up at my usual time before 6 am, at 7 pm a tractor and wagons were rolling in our driveway.  I must have farmer blood in me for the hours I keep at times.

Fresh Round Bales of Hay look lovely sitting in our fields.  Down the road it goes for another year to keep a cow or two happy this coming Winter.

By the time the hay was leaving the sky Northwest of us was getting pretty dark and dismal looking.  I still had the back lawns to cut, so I got going on that right away hoping the rain would hold off until I was done.  I did.

The Aussies had to get all looked after for the second time this morning  before I headed South on Hwy 6.  I was dropping off the Capri pants I had gotten for Mother to the seamstress to be shortened.  That had been in Hepworth.  From there I headed on down to Southampton to meet up with my Crabby Cabbie Rob and get my Van filled up at the same time.

It was lunch time by the time I arrived back home.  I got the bed made, did a wee bit of paperwork, made a phone call, got the Aussies out 2 x before I was out the door at 2:30 pm again.  This time I was heading on down to Gateway Haven to pick up Mother for her hair colour appointment at Hair Solutions downtown Wiarton.  While Mom was sitting while the colour "set", I had Pam cut my hair too as it was lonnnnng overdue and in much need of a cut.

Hair all prettied up, Mom wanted me to get her a Tim Hortons coffee (of course) before I took her back.

When we got back to her room we still had to try on her 4 blouses I had also picked up for her.  We then said our goodbyes with me promising I would be back to drop off her Capri once hemmed.  They will actually have to go to laundry first at the home to have her name put on them before going back to her.

Before I had returned home from my morning excursion I had dropped down to Bluewater Park to see if the Splash Pad was indeed fixed and up and running.

The Grandboys will love coming here next week with the Splash Pad, Pirate Ship Play area, Volley Ball nets, and me? I love the convenience of the Public Washrooms right beside the Park.

The puppies have a really big water bowl, which is always emptied a couple of times throughout the day.

Yes here is the drowned looking rat, who obviously plays in the water bowl more then drinking from it.  Doesn't he have that innocent look as much to say, "please love me I promise I will be really really good".

I also took some "time out" to admire my almost weeded front flower beds, which also need the trimming to be done as well. 

I wish I could say my house was almost all cleaned, but alas that would be a lie if I said that.  Oh me oh my will I ever feel organized and complete?  I rather doubt it.

Last night I was able to get some "Hay Fun" on video.

Yes I do love hay time when Lexus and Bandit have so much fun.  I also had Buddy out climbing the hay bales later, however I was by myself and could not get photos.  He was as agile, if not more, then Lexus.

Tonight?  Rob and I cheated for our Dinner and got store bought cooked chicken and a Caesar Salad after we had done a couple errands downtown Wiarton once he had gotten home.  After Dinner I did a bit of paperwork then thought I would do this here post.

The Sun is out in full force, however I heard further up the Peninsula they were getting rain.  I am going to take our gang out and about for one more time this evening then relax myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy, Looks like another scorcher for us here. The high is supposed to hit 100. After more than a week, I've had enough. I'm curious as to how many bales of high did they end up cutting? Looks like a lot out there. Will they get another cutting before the Fall. My husbands uncle in Maine most Summers would get two from his fields. Try to stay cool. Bess

  2. Oh Cindy thank you for the amazing video it made me smile and remember my Tasha and Ginger Border Collies that loved to do that. Thank you thank you. Great memories.
    You are a good daughter taking care of things for your Mom. Take care in this heat. Hug B

  3. Cindy, watching those Aussies was great! Our dog is a Grey County mutt, but she must have some past Aussie blood - same white markings.

  4. Lovely to see the dogs playing on the bales. Everyone is baling over here at the moment due to our heatwave. I'm melting!

  5. Yes, the pup does have that totally innocent look about him.

    My brother and sister-in-law have a hobby farm, enough acreage for a couple of horses and the accompanying hay they need for the winter.


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