Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Another Scorcher Day It Was

What another scorcher today with temps back up to 100*F, or translated, almost 40*C.  It is tough being stuck between Imperial & Metric some days, as if I am not challenged enough most days ... and I am certain the heat contributes to how my brain functions. *Smile* 

I had some very very exciting news ... or shall I say "more exciting news" last night, other then me going on a little trip in August.  Our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor will be coming this Sunday for a week !  and there is more !!!  Our other Grandons, Chase and Greyson will be cottaging only minutes away from us the same week.  

Can you believe it? this will be a first for Rob and I ever !!!  Thank you for all those prayers which were sent our way.  I am "over the moon" the boys were able to come, and to see all four of them ... wowsers !

I am busy tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and I will be trying to get ready for the boys on Saturday and  in-between the other days.  

Since it is suppose to rain Thursday, the only day for me to cut the lawn was today.  It takes me a long time to cut the whole lawn some days, at least a couple of hours or more.  I managed to get the front done before I was feeling myself overheat.  That was the end of that.  

After I had cooled down somewhat, after lunch I heard a faint noise outside my closed windows and doors (trying to keep the heat out).  The neighbour who bought our hay was back to bale it today.

Mercedes and I found ourselves going out to watch for a bit.  Rack it up, run it through, and plunk out onto the field.  Presto a Round Hay Bale.

I am so hoping it will cool down a wee bit as Bandit and Lexus absolutely love running up and down the bales making a game of it all.  It would be a shame if they get all collected tomorrow and not have some play time on them.  Maybe after I finish up this post.

Rob came home having brought along a rather large box with him.

Look at all these lovely Peaches.  They are huge.  The Peach Truck had been in Port Elgin today.  It was the very last box the guy had, lucky me.  The guy gave Rob a deal he couldn't refuse, as there had been peaches used from it for sampling.  Guess I will be having to find time to do these up this week as well.  *Sigh*

We were so hot by the time Rob got home he dragged the little window air conditioner up from the basement and installed it in the back bedroom with a fan at the door to circulate the air to the rest of the house.  It is HOT in here, so I hope it will eventually cool down before bedtime. 

Really I am not complaining as I really do not care for the cold Winter months, but then again ....

“Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation.”  ― Kim Hubbard

Finally we got going on making our Dinner after 6 pm.  Rob fired up the BBQ for the chops while I prepared the veggies.  We were having pork chops that I had cut off the pork loin we had bought a few weeks ago for .99 cents/lb..

Oh my .... those chops were melt in the mouth they were so tender.  New potatoes and a veggie medley, along with a Brocolislaw completed our Dinner.

Thank you for all the well wishes on the trip in August I will be taking with my friend, Toni with an "i".  The flight is booked and reserved, so it is a "go" !!!  I might have to pinch myself quite a few times before I actually get on the plane, as I really can not believe I am going anywhere, never mind to the East Coast and driving back to see it all !  Oh man I it will take me a whole month to blog all the photos I will be taking in the week I am gone.   Yes I am pretty excited still.  Thank Toni, and thanks Rob for saying you will man the fort for us while I am gone (I am sure he will manage somehow, but not quite sure about our Aussies yet, as they are a bit on the spoiled side some days).

On that note I am off to stick my head out to see if it has cooked, oh I mean cooled off yet, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh, I'm so excited that your grandkids can come and spend a whole week with you! :)

  2. Oh lots of excitement your way I am so happy for you ! Yes it is nasty out there . We have two big window AC'S one up stairs and one down in the kitchen and ceiling fans to circulate the air that's our AC . I don't know where I would be with out them , probably in a tub of cold water till the weather cools down lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and sty cool how ever you can !

  3. So glad you get your grandkids for the week, Cindy!! I know how much you love them!! :) You'll make many happy memories!!

    I am so far behind on blog reading.. maybe we can chat on the phone one day this week (except tomorrow as I have 2 extra kids! lol!) and we can catch up!! ((hugs))

  4. Oh, I'm so excited that your grandkids can come and spend a whole week

  5. Have a great time with those kidlets you lucky lucky lady!

  6. I love that little machine that poops out hay bales...Russ

  7. I came through school after the metric conversion, of course, so I'm always baffled by people still using Imperial measurements.


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