Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Good Day For Homemade Soup & A Rustic Loaf Of Bread

The weatherman was certainly true to his word, or should I say "forecast" yesterday, as surely if one was to weigh 100 lbs soaking wet, goodness knows where they would have ended up in if they had been out in those high winds ...... and rain ????  all day long here in Bruce County the winds were most certainly high and the rain did fall steady.

Since all our hatches were battened down, and I was feeling much better then the preceding days before, I got going at a batch of Homemade Best Ever Potato Leek Soup I have been hankering for, and a loaf of Cheddar Beer Bread, the recipe which I have been dying to try out since a group member posted it on "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" a couple of weeks ago.

First off, I "had to" make my bed, as it had not been made for two of the days I spent laying in it while I was sick, so that was a "must do" before anything else got started or done ..... then onto the making of the Potato Leek Soup & Bread !

"I first got started with all the essentials needed to begin .... peeled and cleaned potatoes & leeks, along with chicken broth.  My Borner V Slicer is the very best thing in the World, which my sister-in-law had gifted me one Christmas many moons ago.  It is perfect for recipes like this one where I used it to slice the potatoes and leeks, and for the many times I have used it while pickling or other such important tasks I have had at hand.  I thank Nancy ever time I bring my slicer out of it's place from the cupboard, as I would say this "slicer" is the one of the best gadgets I have in my kitchen."

"The very thin sliced potatoes went into the pot along with the chicken broth to be brought to a boil."

"The sliced leeks were then added to the cooking process, along with a couple sprigs of fresh Thyme from my Herb garden."

"Here pictured is the fresh sprigs of Thyme and Parsley I had just picked that same morning."

"Here we go after the Half & Half creamer and chopped Parsley has been added."

"Ahhh, a picture my loving husband, Rob, has finally captured of me multi-tasking.  I am so glad he has finally "gotten" me pictured at one, or maybe two, of my many talents !   LOL ..... "

"While the soup had been simmering away and blending its flavors, I managed to put together and get the Cheddar Beer Bread into the oven, baked and out cooling before I put the finishing touches to the soup."

"Voila !  A wholesome and hearty Dinner put together for my dear husband before he had to take leave out into the big old World to go earn a "buck" to look after his stay at home loving wife ..... LOL, now I am thinking I put that on a little bit too "thick", did I not ? "

"I had made a double batch of the soup recipe in order to have enough for another meal, as it was so "delish", and complimented so nicely by the Rustic Cheddar Beer Bread served along with it."

The recipe for the Best Ever Potato Leek Soup and Quick Cheddar Beer Bread will both be filed away under my favourites.  Should anyone like to have either recipe, just click on the highlighted word which will take you back into the blog where I had posted each recipe.  Any questions I might be able to answer, you can also find me on Facebook under "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" or email me at .

PS  I used the whole can of Guinness Beer, which was just a tad more then the 12 ounces recommended in the recipe for the bread.

The wind seems to be still howling outside our windows at a pretty fair clip, so I am thinking I will check in with what the Wiarton Airport guy has to say about today's weather.

Yes siree, more rain and wind, however the wind isn't looking like it will be as high as it was yesterday, thank goodness.

Oops, before I forget I would love to share a video clip I had emailed to me yesterday from my Auntie, which I think is absolutely beautiful, so how could I not share.

Just "click" on the following link and share the experience for yourself.

I am really running behind this morning, as I didn't manage to find sleep until sometime after 5:00 a.m., arising rather late at 8:30 a.m..  Oh my, I must get on with the day at hand, but not first without having that second cup of Java before I am off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. great recipes, I wouldn't mind making that soup.

    Been a miserable weekend weather wise hasn't it?



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