Saturday 8 October 2011

A Whole Farm Chocked Full Of Goodies & Babies !!!

What a day I had yesterday !  I made it up to my Doctors, Just North of the Checkerboard, for my weekly shot in the arm, then on to the Golden Dawn Senior Citizen's home to collect my Mother.

Mother and I had a "wonderful" visit, as well as an enjoyable lunch of Homemade Chili here, prior to me driving her into her hair appointment with Pam, owner of Hair Solutions, in Wiarton.  Mother was ready to be beautified by having her hair "touched" up a bit, and Pam being such a great colour specialist that she is did a most wonderful job as usual.  We have been going to Hair Solutions for the past 5 years, so it just feels like Mom and I are going in for a regular friendship visit with Pam and her associates, as we have always been made to feel so comfortable there.

Now the downfall to this whole day was my camera was sitting at home, once again, with its battery sitting in the charger .... oh man !!!!  So no beautified Mother picture was taken that day !  Maybe next time.

After returning Mother back to Golden Dawn in Lion's Head, I didn't return home until just before 5:00 p.m., where I got my camera and headed out again on an adventure all of my own of to an "Open House" at DeJong Acres Farm, located at 24 Conc. 24, Lake Charles, RR 2, Wiarton, ON., a family run business owned and operated by Brian & Anita DeJong, who I might add also have two very lovely daughters, Rayleen and Nichole.

"There certainly was a very cute welcoming committee there to greet me as I made my way up the long driveway to park."

"Upon my entry into the Farm Store, after passing a couple of customers on their way out with their purchases, this lady was just picking up her Thanksgiving Turkey she had previously ordered.  By the looks of that Turkey I would think they get sold pretty quickly, so I am thinking maybe one should be ordered now for Christmas?  By the way, this lady was aware that I had taken her picture with absolutely no problem on her part.  I am thinking I had just taken her by surprise by the look on her face, but it had been the "Turkey" I was aiming for ....  lol."

"Hey "Honey", please pass the "Maple Syrup" over here will ya????"

"Spice me up or mix and dip me would you please?"

"Now I am actually reading the sign on this refrigerator door, why didn't I go for the "Open House" special?  I suppose my mind was trying to take in too many other delightful items."

"Couldn't miss the signage on the front of the freezer letting customers know what a great selection there is available to DeJong's customers, as well as their excellent pricing !"

"Then to actually see the selection !  Wowsers !!!"

"Anita is also a representative for "Epicure Selections".  I noticed she does carry a wide variety of products, however one can place an order for a product to suit your own needs and/or requirements from the catalogue."

After perusing all the wonderful stuff in Anita's and Brian's Farm Store, I also received a mini tour of the barn.

"Another welcoming member was there to greet me .... "

"..... along with a few more inside the barn.  Um, who is more scared of who here I wonder?"

"Awww .... now onto more "cuteness" ."

As Anita and I had been chatting away as she was showing me the sheep and their babies, her very observant eye caught something way over in the next pen, and in a instant was over there, calling out to Brian as she made her way into the pen.

"A new baby was born with another arriving right behind ..... wow, did I pick the right time to go in for a tour of the barn !"

By this time it was getting rather late in the day, so it was time for me to take my leave back home and for the DeJong Family to get on with their very very busy lives.

It was a great pleasure being a guest at the DeJong Acres Family Farm, and I am already looking forward to my very next visit, as I had already promised a friend of mine I would take her out to see Anita about some Epicure Selections product once she had returned back home from her own family Thanksgiving Dinner away.  Yeah another trip to the Farm !!!

Should anyone like to have a "Sweet Things" experience as I did at the DeJong Acres Farm, please feel free to contact Anita & Brian DeJong at 519-534-1211, for very simple driving directions to where their farm is located.  I can also testify to the fact that it is also a most pleasant drive to their farm on a beautiful Fall day.

"As I made my way back home, I passed by some very stately looking Elk .... but I will make that an "adventure" for another day .... "

It was well on its way to the 7:00 p.m. hour when I made it back home to not be home too long when my baby boy arrived to have an overnight visit with us, since he had other prearranged plans for the Thanksgiving Weekend, so I was pretty happy for the time we got to hang out together for the remainder of my evening ....

"Here is my boy, Paul, with the "oh Mom, the camera again" look.  LOL, how well t hat boy knows his Mother."

Okay now the sun is out in full force as I sit here thinking about a second cup of Java, I suppose I should see what the Wiarton Airport weather guy has to say about the day ahead.

It is all looking pretty good to me, so I think I will just carry on with it and head into my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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