Saturday, 29 October 2011

Booooooo, "Tip or Trick" Please or ......

With computer and blog technical problems, my hands full of puppiness, lack of sleep, almost falling on my butt on an icy front stoop .......

" ....... my yesterday just got better when I realized I needed to clean the windows off my vehicle before I headed "North of  the Checkerboard" to my Doctors !  Pretty is it not?  A pretty mess is what I was thinking at the time .... lol."

"At this point I was way "North of the Checkerboard" up in North Bruce Peninsula, when I was thinking, "are those snow clouds?"?   I was in no frame of mind at the moment for snow."

"By the time I arrived at my Doctor's office in Lion's Head, the skies seemed to be a bit brighter, heavy on the "bit"."

I got my weekly shot in the arm and hightailed it back home, "Just South of the Checkerboard & North of Wiarton", as I had a very important job needing my attention.

"Come on in, we will make sure you get to where you are going and my friends and I  will keep you company along the way."

"Tip or no Trip" people, or you will be "hanging" like the little guy in the background, trust me I have been here for quite sometime myself ..... "

"Psst, hey you, yeah you buddy, trust me you best be tipping this "Crabby Cabbie" guy or who knows, you might end up like me !"

"What the heck !  Where did this come from?"

"Oh my, this must be the guy's other part, you know the one that didn't tip the "Crabby Cabbie" last night !!!"

Ha,ha,ha ..... I hope my "Crabby Cabbie" had a little bit of fun with his decorated cab in keeping with the Halloween Spirit !  I love "Halloween" !!!

There is still lots of time to plan which event you want to attend in and around Grey-Bruce Counties, so check out the boootiful choices you still have at the following link:

After all of the Halloween decorating fun, we had a quick Dinner of Bacon, Eggs & Toast.  Quick & easy, especially when I was having "one of those" days anyway .... lol.

After my Crabby Cabbie left for work, Lexus, Mercedes and I headed downtown to do a couple of errands, returning home for a "big" outside romp.  The rest of my afternoon, what was left of it, was spent making the bed, tidying up here and there, and calling my sister, Donna, as there wasn't much left of the day to make any "dent" in the house chores.

Just around the 5:00 pm I received a phone call from my other sister, Jeanne !!!  She arrived home from the Miller Rehab Centre in St. John's after being away for over two months recovering wonderfully from a stroke .....

Welcome Home dear sister, it was so great to get a phone call from you !!!!!  Yeah !!!!  I am totally ecstatic  and I love you ..... Life is so precious, it only takes a moment to share what you feel so don't hesitate.

I sometimes have wondered how Rob makes out with Mercedes when I have had to go somewhere .... I found out last night !

"Do you really see a problem with me being up here, as "Dad" doesn't when you are gone."

"What did you say?  You want me to move off of here?"

"I really don't understand what the big problem is, as I have already explained he lets me when you aren't here !"

"Okay, if you really are that insistent ..... "

"There I am off your chair, and on his now.  I hope you are happy now ..... so don't bug me again."

Ha,ha,ha .... obviously there have been "things" going on when I am not around, but Mercedes most certainly wasn't holding back by sharing some of them with me last night ..... Rob, I will catch up with you later, my dear !  LOL

Okie dokie now to more immediate matters at hand, on to the my favorite Wiarton Weatherman guy's forecast.

It most certainly not going to be a Sunshine & Lollipop day by the looks of this forecast.  Don't forget to "click" on the highlighted word, as it still might brighten your day, as it always brightens mine.

Things to do and people to see today, as I head out into my day ahead on a new adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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