Saturday, 1 October 2011

Goodbye September See You Back In 2012 !

I find myself exclaiming quite frequently, "where did that day go, that week go, that month go?", however as the years have gone by, I find myself more frequently exclaiming, "where did that year go?".

Could somebody now please tell me where they have gone ...... lol !!!

I suppose this is why as I age life has become so much more precious to me and I with it.  Things or feelings I used to carelessly throw into the wind at one time, I now embrace and hold onto as long as I can, or more readily keep them with me as a learned lesson for another day .....

Here I go being all melancholy again, I wonder if there is a pattern being set here somehow?  I will have to read back in "blog" days gone by to see if there is some kind of pattern being formed .... lol.

Actually just the other day I was doing some investigating in how I could print my "blog", finding out I can have not only have it saved to my computer, but also have it made into a "printable" version.  Now I just have to figure out how to do all of this .... I will just have to set some time aside and do it, is all !  Going back to being a little sentimental and melancholy, I think my daily reflections, thoughts and opinions in print would be something my son, Paul,  and/or my grandchildren might enjoy sometime down the road .....

Okay now on with my "yesterday", and it really wasn't too much of an anything at all, as I really really had to start tackling some of those humdrum weekly chores we call "housework".  I did persevere and managed to not only get the kitchen floor clean and non-sticky once again, I even got our livingroom all dusted and vacuumed, and our bedroom too !  Hooray for me !

"All shiny and clean for another couple days, or until I start slopping things while I am making a pot of homemade Spaghetti Sauce today?"

"Look at this nice "dust bunny" free livingroom.  Oops obviously not clutter free, as there I see my laptop sitting on the floor and a corner of my purse from where it sits on my Lazy Boy chair.  Perfect I am not .... lol."

Now do you think I will have any company this weekend drop by?  Absolutely NOT !!!  They will wait for a "stick to the kitchen floor" and "be attacked by dust bunnies" kind of day !  LOL, oh well this is the way my life goes ...... and I am sure this is the way it happens for many others as well.

As I say, "perfect" I am not, and "perfect" I do not want to be, as life is for "living" and "living" we must be.  Hey that was pretty good, I do surprise myself some days ....

All that is left is the upstairs bathroom, hallway and spare bedroom.  *Sigh* there are also all those scary places in our home that need cleaning which I don't care to venture into, like Rob's bathroom downstairs, the rest of our basement where there are Spiders living in great numbers ....  maybe those places could keep for another day, one more month, a year maybe, or years ..... hopefully just keep.  I am sure they will keep for one of my "some days", lol.

Even though weekly chores and all the inbetween breaks took up most of my day, I still managed to take Bandit and Lexus outside in intervals throughout the day.  These times spent with them were certainly not pleasant weatherwise that is forsure, as there had been a very brisk cold North wind with lots and lots of rain all day long.  Bandit and Lexus didn't seem to mind one iota, however I have quite a different story from what theirs would be.

Since I thought I would still have way more Zucchini before a heavy frost, I gave most of ours away and had not froze any for my own future use, so being told the temperatures were going to be dropping into the minuses last night, I did my best to pick a few yesterday afternoon.

 "Pick a few I did, and freeze my hands off while doing it, I did.....but Zucchini in the freezer there will be, along with a few more tomatoes to ripen on our kitchen counter."

 Now I think of it, it being as cold as it was out last night, if I would had left them out in the garden I am sure they would have been all froze for me anyhow .... um, however the grating and bagging parts would have been skipped.  Not such a good idea after all .... lol.

 Now that Rob is the Southampton Taxis' official evening Crabby Cabbie in Saugeen Shores, and unable to come home in between calls, he has taken up reading again, much to my delight.  A book Rob just recently read, which I have had for many years never parting with and lending out many times over the years  to be always returned (I thought it once was not to be returned for quite of few years, but it eventually did find its way back to me) was The Last Canadian by William C. Heine.

"A Science Fiction novel published by the author in 1974 with a purchase price of $1.50.  A great read then, and still today."

 I was curious if this novel was still in circulation, so I "googled" it, only to be surprised that it can be purchased from Amazon in a good used condition for $70.00, and a used very good condition for $155.00.  Wow, I was very surprised at this.  Obviously it has been enjoyed over the years by a lot more people then just myself, and is still being enjoyed.  Nice to know.

Just before I had Bandit and Lexus out for their last romp of the night, I had to break down and fire up the woodstove, as between the high winds, rain and damp it was getting rather chilly in the house.

"There is nothing quite like the heat of a woodstove to take the chill from one's bones."

Since the Weatherman was pretty "bang on" with his forecast yesterday, I am wondering what the day ahead will be bringing, as by the sound of that wind outside our windows, it is not sounding too promising at the moment.

Not looking to promising for the rest of the day either.

Apparently, or so I have been told, this is typical "Pumpkinfest" weather which begins today and runs for two days in Bruce County's very own Port Elgin.  Not too nice for their 25th Anniversary though.  Their schedule of events for the next two days can be checked out at the following link:

There most certainly is lots of fun events scheduled, however I will be dressing really warm when I decide when I will be attending sometime this weekend.  In the meantime, the following video link will give you a fantastic idea of what you will be missing if you don't attend.

I am now sitting here thinking I not only need that second cup of Java, that I am also freezing and need to get that woodstove stoked up again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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